The Five Stages of Grief: True Blood Edition

It's really over. Summer Sundays will never be the same. The story of True Blood has ended, leaving Truebies everywhere grieving. 

Below are strategies to get over the loss… with a little help from your friends. And by friends, we mean True Blood characters, natch. 

Know that it may take a while to process this new, cruel reality.

Once you grasp the situation, lashing out is expected. 

"If only," you may tell yourself, "I could have one more moment in Bon Temps."

It’s normal to lay awake at night, obsessing over the painful truth.

(When you’re unable to sleep, binge-watch the series on HBO GO while simultaneously binge-eating your feelings.)

Eventually, with time, you will begin to process that the True End has indeed come. Trust: You'll always have the good times.