Truebie Personality Test: Lynn and Shadaliza of

As part of an ongoing series, is choosing a Truebie of the Week to help celebrate the best of the series and take our "personality test" – a choose-your-own-adventure quiz with a sexy twist. The lucky fans this time around are Lynn and Shadaliza, who own the fan site The Vault:, and manage the Twitter profile @The_Vault.

Play along and share your answers in the comments.

1. You're hanging out in Merlotte's, having a beer, when all of a sudden a gang of drifters barges in, guns a 'blazing. You're mortally wounded – a vampire takes pity on you and turns you. Who is your maker?

Lynn: I want Bill to be my daddy vamp.

Shadaliza: Had I been asked this before the finale, I would have said Bill. But I can’t have my maker die on me, so I choose Jessica. She was raised by Bill and with her humanity, she would be the best maker for me.

2. It turns out that you're a natural at being a vampire. You perfect your new skills almost instantly. Most impressive is your glamouring, which is very advanced for a babyvamp such as yourself. Who do you glamour first and what do you want to make them forget?

Lynn: I would glamour Jason and make him think we have been lovers for life. Plus, he can take care of all my parking tickets.

Shadaliza: I would glamour Ginger to make her forget that she forgot how smart she used to be. I'd make her remember who she was before Pam glamoured her stupid.

3. As a dutiful vampire citizen of Bon Temps, you feed on a human – per Mayor Sam Merlotte's decree. Who do you pair up with?

Lynn: Sam, because he is the most easy-going person in Bon Temps; he has always been nice to everyone and is fair. Also, he has lots of money and his shifting powers will make life so much easier. 

Shadaliza: Lafayette – He could take me to the beach.

4. While at a town mixer, you lock eyes across the room with an attractive stranger. Who is this person and what happens next?  

Lynn: Bill Compton. We hook up and mainstream together, doing our best to cohabitate with humans.

Shadaliza: It’s Sookie’s baby-daddy, because of his great-looking arms and turkey-frying abilities!

5. You decide to take on the H-Vamps on your own… who do you partner with and why? What is your strategy? 

Lynn: Sookie. She knew how to get everyone to help her get things done and led the pack to save the women in Fangtasia’s basement. Our strategy would be to get a lot of healthy vampires behind us.

Shadaliza: I would take Eric. He is the oldest and the strongest and with his muscle and my brain, we’d be unstoppable.

Lightning Round:

Who were you dying to see end up together? 

Lynn: I had hoped for Bill and Sookie to end up together, but did not get my wish, sadly.

Shadaliza: I was rooting for Jessica and Hoyt. I got my wish. I was also hoping that Jason would find the right girl for him in the end.

What's your favorite episode? 

Lynn: My favorite episode was definitely the pilot: Season 1, Episode 1, where the magic all began. After that, I'd choose the Season 3 episode when Russell Edgington killed the newscaster on live TV.

Shadaliza: I would have to say the pilot. That was the episode that got me hooked, and the beginning of an amazing fan adventure.

If you could have any prop from the set, what would it be? 

Lynn: The old photo of Bill and his daughter Sarah.

Shadaliza: I would take the chaise lounge from Bill’s bedroom. It looks modern and comfy!

If you could give one piece of advice to any character – who would it be and what would you say?  

Lynn: Definitely, Bill. “Bill, live on; you do not need to die.”

Shadaliza: Bill. Just drink the antidote and live! 

If you could be any kind of supe, what would you be? 

Lynn: Shifter, because you can become almost anything.

Shadaliza: I would want to be a shifter. I would love to fly like an eagle or be a kitten and have my belly rubbed.