'May Be the Last Time' Fangover: Reunions, Roots and Romance

By Katie M. Lucas

This week's True Blood focused on the cure and consequences of Hep-V as "everyone – human or not – seemed to be grappling with their humanity and trying to make sense of the insane world in which the show takes place," notes TIME. While Eric and Bill bemoan their respective fates, they both have a serious champion: "Behind each brooding vamp, however, is a strong woman — Sookie for Bill, Pam for Eric — determined to save him from his own malaise or bitterness," The New York Times assess

In that vein, "May Be the Last Time" offered up what TV Line calls the season's "biggest throwback yet – especially for long-suffering fans of Beehl and Sookeh… It was a reunion we all knew was inevitable, but I honestly didn’t expect Sookie and Bill to go all in (tee hee!) so quickly." Episode writer Craig Chester tells Entertainment Weekly about the sexy scene. "We did shoot, shot-for-shot, Sookie running to Bill’s house in a white dress, so it is literally a callback to episode six of Season 1," Chester explains. "But one of the things that we talked about is that these are two very different people now that are reconnecting, who obviously have this deep love for each other… I think the fact that Bill is dying is the thing that allows Sookie to let go of whatever resentments that she might have had or accumulated over the years."

Sookie wasn't the only fae gettin' it on this week: Adilyn and Wade had a loving tryst in spite of odd circumstances. In an interview with HBO.com, Bailey Noble shares her reaction to Violet's sex dungeon: "I didn’t know what half of the things in the room were, and I can guarantee you Adilyn didn’t know any of it. That’s why I really like that scene between her and Wade... It’s really sweet and innocent, despite being in the midst of all the crazy stuff happening around them."

Another relationship off to a truly innocent start? Arlene and vampire Keith. New York Magazine is 'shipping the pair: "My favorite aspect of this plotline is how age-appropriate it feels compared to the typical vampire saga… It's nice to see Keith actually pursue a mature woman rather than a child," adding, 'Get it, Arlene.'" Actress Carrie Preston gives her take on the match: "You feel a sense of real relief from Arlene that she's got somebody to lean on," Preston tells the Hollywood Reporter. "This relationship definitely has roots and that those roots are only going to get deeper."

Preston tweeted further – ahem – insight: 

Jason, on the other hand, is unable to get back to his roots with Hoyt thanks to Jessica's glamouring. "It was really nice to see Hoyt back in town, and back with his best friend, even if he still has no idea who Jason really is," TV Line maintains. "Hoyt’s girlfriend seemed suspiciously into Jason, though; do we think that’s going to continue next week, or was it just a one-off moment of weirdness?" 

Another callback filled with awkward moments came courtesy of Sarah Newlin's mental breakdown, "which meant she got to relive her encounters with a flag-football-playing Jason as well as get berated by the ghost of her ex-husband Steve Newlin," recaps New York Magazine. Or as actor Michael McMillian put it on Twitter: 

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