'Thank You' Fangover: 6 Character Moments From the Series Finale

By Katie M. Lucas

Sunday evening marked the very last episode of True Blood ever, and one Truebie summed up fan sentiment perfectly:

Let's take a look at what the show's final hour had in store for some of our favorites. 


The woman behind Pamela Swynford de Beaufort chatted with HBO.com about her character's arc and final scene. "Pam's back in her happiest, corseted best form – and being a madame again," actor Kristin Bauer van Straten notes. "It was full circle for me too, because it ended up being the last scene that I shot, so I started on my last night as I had on my first: completely strapped in, wearing heels and red lipstick. During my last shot, I was snarling with fangs, telling the guy to get the f*ck out of there." 

The moment was quintessential Pam, and if you're hungry for more, BuzzFeed has 23 of them, in a list a list that counts down why they'll miss the diva. A sample reason: "Pam’s sarcasm is like a gift given to fans from the TV gods."


While Eric went on to fame and fortune, fans gravitated to one big moment:

E! Online chatted with Alexander Skarsgard about saying goodbye to the series: "I thought it was time, so I was sort of prepared for it, but I cried like a baby. It was so sad. The last couple of weeks leading up to my final scenes that I shot were extremely emotional. I'm already missing it."


Jessica ends the series married to Hoyt. Actor Deborah Ann Woll connected with HBO.com to talk through why Jess decided to put a ring on it. After hearing Bill's justification for advocating the marriage – in a heart-to-heart that Woll calls "probably my favorite scene of the finale" – "Jessica heard his sorrow and regret and realized, 'If there’s any gift that I can give that will mean something to him, it’s letting him be part of my marriage.' Even though it’s way too soon and maybe this isn’t the right person for me. It doesn’t have to be legal, it doesn’t have to be anything except a moment where I can assure him that I’m going to be fine and he can feel comfortable leaving."

You can view pictures from Jess's big day on her babyvamp blog. Plus, watch Bill's message for Jess below:


Vanity Fair includes Stackhouse in a round-up of "best characters" from the series, noting that "Jason could have just been eye candy comic relief… but Kwanten’s expert timing made him much more than just a nice set of abs."

One fan agrees… on both accounts:  

"It’s a delight to see Jason reunited with his one true love," Vanity Fair exclaims. "I’m talking about Hoyt. Obviously." Entertainment Weekly shares the love, telling Jason, "I think I'm going to miss you most of all."


Vampire Bill's true death inspired plenty of tears – and not just from Sookie. New York Magazine states that when it comes to Bill's departure, "True Blood should not have ended any other way." The New York Times calls graveyard goodbye "the truest True Blood moment: Sookie crying, covered in Bill’s blood, then gamely climbing back out of the hole and – because she’d broken her shovel – beginning to push the dirt back into the grave by hand."

Stephen Moyer took to Twitter to send his regards:


The final shot of the series showed Sookie's new life. New York Magazine calls the ending "a final, lovely moment as the surviving gang and their many children reunited for a Thanksgiving dinner in Sookie's front yard… What a hilarious, sexy, ridiculous Tilt-a-Whirl ride it's been." 

True Tune:

The finale's titular song came from Led Zeppelin:


OD on V:

That's a wrap, Truebies! From the whole team here at TrueToTheEnd.com, it's been a pleasure watching with you.