10 Must-Have Items From the True Blood Auction

Sunday marks the end of fresh blood: The series finale of True Blood airs at 9pm ET. But just because the story is over doesn't mean you have to say goodbye. Thanks to an online auction, you can have a little True Blood with you always. The site ScreenBid is hosting an auction of over 1,500 items – everything from fangs to Fangtasia's set dressing. Bidding begins today and will run through Monday, August 25.

Below are 10 auction items that would have any Truebie fanging out. Take a look and then place your bids to take home a piece of True Blood history.

1. Eric's Fangtasia Throne
Are you Eric Northman's biggest fan? Is Fangtasia your dream destination? Do you share a fantasy with Ginger? All of the above? Then why not bid on Eric's signature seat?

2. Bill's Hard Fangs
Stake your claim on what defines Bill Compton as "Vampire Bill." These hard fangs were created custom for Bill and were worn on-camera by Stephen Moyer.

3. Pam's Black Lace Hat
When Marnie puts a spell on Pam in Season 4, the diva's rotting face inspired her to don this fashion-forward item. Now you can own the accessory worn by actor Kristin Bauer van Straten. 

4. Jason's Bon Temps Football T-Shirt 
ealous of Brigette after she wore Jason's t-shirt and boxers last week? Now you too can go to bed with Jason...well, at least with Jason's pajamas.   

5. Ms. Suzuki's Stilettos 
Before Sarah Newlin was the cure to Hep-V, she was beating Tru Blood executives to death with their own footwear. Own the shoes that facilitated one of the most memorable deaths in True Blood history.

6. Sookie's Merlotte's T-Shirt
The Merlotte's uniform is undoubtably one of the most iconic wardrobe pieces from the series. Bid now on the tee, worn by Anna Paquin herself.

7. Russell Edgington's Portrait with Talbot Angelis
Ripped from the walls of Russell's Mississippi's mansion, this oil painting of Russell and his lover is the perfect addition to any Truebie's abode. 

8. Fangtasia's "No Biting on Premises" Sign
Even vampire bars have codes of conduct. This sign is the perfect representation of Eric and Pam's enterprise and souvenir from Fangtasia.
9. Alcide's Leather Jacket and Jeans
Channel your inner Sookie by snuggling up in your favorite werewolf's leather jacket. Worn by Joe Manganiello, this outfit is yours for the taking.

10. Pam's Yellow Sweatsuit
Worn by Pam when she made Tara, this sweatsuit is at once a symbol of the surly vampire's kind heart and a tribute to True Blood's comedic bite.  

Bonus! Sookie's White Sundress
Contributing to Sook's "Girl in the White Dress" reputation, this number from Season 1 is up for grabs.

See more great items and share what you're lusting for in the comments!