'Love Is to Die' Fangover: Couples' Crowning Moments

By Katie M. Lucas

The penultimate episode of True Blood featured an event seven seasons in the making: a scene that TV Line calls "my favorite part about this episode (and potentially this season)… Finally immune to Hep-V, Eric was free to fulfill Ginger’s series-long wish of a romp with the vampire viking god." New York Magazine deems the hook-up "one of True Blood's all-time most hilarious bits of physical comedy," adding that "Ginger's insta-orgasm upon finally realizing her life's dream was truly something special… Perfect television, basically." Actor Tara Buck spoke to Entertainment Weekly about filming the scene: "Everybody was just howling. I had a foot in his face at one point, and all kinds of very strange things."

Buck also tweeted about Ginger's big moment:

Ginger and Eric weren't the night's only buzzy couple: "This episode," writes Entertainment Weekly, "really makes you feel how much Jessica cares for Hoyt. She realizes he's the one who had cared to know her best and that he's the one she wants to be with on a night when she's this alone." TV Line recaps: "After reminding Hoyt why he really ended up in Alaska – including that she cheated on him with Jason, which inspired a well-deserved punch in the money-maker – Jessica took her ex to bed… complete with swelling music and a boisterous *ahem* climax."

While one couple gets back together, the jilted Bridget "heads straight for Jason Stackhouse. As you do," Time writes. HitFix bestowed upon Ryan Kwanten "the coveted Hit Fix Award for Most Valuable Player of the final season of True Blood… Jason salutes the power of Hoyt and Jessica's perfect love bond." As TV Line cheers, "Jason finally made a non-physical connection with a real-live woman." In his heart-to-heart with Bridgette, Jason reveals "how Hoyt had insisted that what he and Jessica had was real and that Jason would never have it with anyone because something inside of him was missing," Entertainment Weekly recounts. "It was missing then – that desire and respect for love. But he has it now."

Bill chose to forego the present and instead focus on the future. "His dream in the previous episode of his and Sookie’s blank-faced baby was a statement that the two of them can give birth only to death." The New York Times explains.

Are you swayed by Bill's logic? What's in store for him in the finale? Share your predictions in the comments. 

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