Truebie Personality Test: Michelle of @BrushFireFairy

As part of an ongoing series, is choosing a Truebie of the Week to help celebrate the best of the series and take our "personality test" – a choose-your-own-adventure quiz with a sexy twist. The lucky fan this time around is Michelle, who manages the Twitter profile @BrushFireFairy.

Play along and share your answers in the comments.

1. You’re hanging out in Merlotte's, having a beer, when all of a sudden a gang of drifters barges in, guns a’ blazing. You're mortally wounded – a vampire takes pity on you and turns you. Who is your maker?

Without question, I would choose Eric as my maker. He defines what it means to be a vampire. He is strong, loyal, and handsome but beneath that surface, in Eric's true heart is a powerful love.

2. It turns out that you're a natural at being a vampire. You perfect your new skills almost instantly. Most impressive is your glamouring, which is very advanced for a babyvamp such as yourself. Who do you glamour first, and what do you want to make them forget?

If I could turn back time to glamour someone, it would be Luke from the Fellowship of the Sun to make him forget his hatred toward vampires. Maybe then, we would still have Godric in this world.

3. As a dutiful vampire citizen of Bon Temps, you pair up with a human to feed you – per Mayor Sam Merlotte's decree. Who do you choose?

Hook me up with some Jason Stackhouse, please! That boy is like sex on a stick and a six-pack of pure heaven.

4. While at a town mixer, you lock eyes across the room with an attractive stranger. Who is this person and what happens next? 

I got to go with Jason again, because his brown eyes are too dreamy to resist.

5. You decide to take on the H-Vamps on your own… who do you partner with and why? What is your strategy? 

I would definitely partner up with Pam because she is fierce and willing to do whatever it takes. Most likely, we would end up shoe shopping, getting mani/pedis and laughing while the H-vamps wind up killing themselves.


Who are you dying to see end up together?

Eric and Sookie. 

What's your favorite episode?

"I Will Rise Up" from Season 2 is still my favorite episode of the entire show. It's perfection from start to finish!

If you could have any prop from the set, what would it be?

Eric's black tank.

If you could give one piece of advice to any character, who would it be and what would you say?

I would tell Andy to take a deep breath and truly know that even through his mistakes, he truly is a hero to the people of Bon Temps.

If you could be any kind of supe, what would you be?

As much as I love vampires, the sight of blood gives me a case of the heebie jeebies... I would want to be a shapeshifter because I love animals. Plus, imagine how awesome it would be to shift into some mega-wolf and chase down the bad guys!