The Fangover: 3 Healing Moments From 'Almost Home'

By Katie M. Lucas

This week, True Blood traded darkness and dungeons for some much-needed catharsis. Below, we examine three stories from "Almost Home" where our characters escaped dire circumstances (medieval torture chamber? yikes!) to step into the sun…although not literally, of course.

A Cure

"The big news: Eric is cured, praise Godric!" cheers HitFix. "Instead of killing [Sarah Newlin], Eric chomped on her, and lo and behold, the map of blighted veins spread across his body like deadly tattoos cleared right up." Realizing he tasted a cure, Eric "let out a giddy, triumphant call as he healed," Entertainment Weekly recaps. "Viewers made the same yells later when Eric changed out of those borrowed clothes."

A Rescue 

Things got dicey for Jess, Adilyn and Wade when Violet showed her true colors. "The more Violet let her freak flag fly, the more I found myself endeared to her," TV Line confesses, "so imagine my delight this week, as the madwoman welcomed Jason, Jessica, fairy girl and that other guy to her world of pain." Actor Karolina Wydra tells about her experience on the set: "It’s as fun to play a villain and as it is to play Violet’s softer, seductress side. Not to mention being a kind of Vanna White: 'Welcome to my dildo dungeon. Dildos over there, nipple clamps on the bedside table…'" "There was probably like $10,000 worth of dildos on the set that day," writer Kate Barnow tells Entertainment Weekly. "There were all these beautiful antique, just crazy sex toys. It was hard to keep a straight face."

Violet met her fateful end when Hoyt infiltrated the lair. In an interview with New York Magazine, actor Jim Parrack confesses that "there was something thrilling" about filming Violet's True Death. The blood "mostly squirted all over, and it splashed," Parrack recalls. "Violet left a big mess."

Another big ol' mess? Hoyt's relationship with Brigette after reconnecting with Jessica. "Hoyt showed up at Bill and Jessica’s place with a sweet offering of the vampire version of an Edible Arrangement – his own Hep-V negative blood," Time notes. Jess "invited him in, and he explained that thinking about what she's going through suddenly made him aware that maybe not knowing his mother's time was coming was a blessing, and he just thought he should try to help Jessica out if he could," recaps Entertainment Weekly, adding, "Such a good man."

A Goodbye 

As Hoyt and Jessica discuss losing their parents, Lettie Mae makes her peace with saying goodbye to her daughter. While high on V, "Lettie Mae and Tara finally and definitively apologized to each other and forgave each other," New York Magazine summarizes. "It was incredibly pleasing to see her journey end on such an emotional, personal note." Entertainment Weekly calls the reconciliation "a tearful ending," adding, "the resolution of Tara's story line makes the long wait worth it."
Amidst all the healing, there was still plenty to stress about in Bon Temps – most notably Bill's big decision. "Why this sudden refusal to take a cure that’s proven to work? It’s all about Sookie, of course," New York Times analyzes, suggesting that Bill's dreams and flashbacks "indicate that he thinks Sookie will be better off without him."

What about you, Truebies? Do you think Sookie is better sans-Bill? Are you rooting for Hoyt and Jessica? And what's next for Eric now that he's healed? Sound off in the comments.

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