#TBT: Anna Camp On Sarah Newlin's Great Escape

Last week's 'True Blood' began with a surprise face popping up from downward-facing dog:

That's right: She's back! Sarah Newlin's return comes one season after Jason Stackhouse let his former lover escape her former lover Governor Burrell's Vamp Camp. When HBO.com spoke to Anna Camp about a year ago, Camp hypothesized about Sarah's whereabouts after Vamp Camp. "She's underground somewhere, plotting," Camp said. "I see her turning into a weird zombie of a woman." Camp's words read especially prophetic now, considering her character's reappearance: "I think being sent away will make her more powerful in a sense. She'll shut down and become a robot for God."

According to Camp, Sarah's great escape a year ago was "just another sign from God that she's doing the right thing." Camp added: "It's just more fuel to her fire: 'I am right. I am God's tool. He's speaking through me.' It's another notch in her belt of craziness."

Camp also foretold Sarah's biggest nightmare – a juicy tidbit, since we know now that Eric is searching for Newlin. "Getting turned vampire would be the cruelest punishment for her," Camp asserted. "I believe if she were turned, she'd commit suicide. She'd crawl to the top of a church and have the whole town there or something. And while she's frying, scream, 'Death to all vampires!' Getting turned and living forever would mean that they won. Taking that away from them, even if it meant killing herself, would be a win for the humans."

What do you think is next for Sarah? Were you surprised to see her at yoga? No matter your reaction, keep calm and yogi on: