'Fire in the Hole' Fangover: Lost and Found

By Katie M. Lucas

"As soon as Sookie and Alcide got together," actor Joe Manganiello recalls, "I remember turning to a friend and saying, 'I’m dead.' " Unfortunately for card-carrying #TeamAlcide members, this prediction proved all too true. To analyze Alcide's tragic departure, TV Line quotes Reverend Daniels "not-safe-for-the-pulpit" words: "Death is a dark and blinding motherf*cker, whether you see it coming or not."

While Manganiello did foresee his fate, it was not the course he wished for Alcide and Sookie. "Alcide’s a contractor. They make pretty good money," the actor points out, "Shouldn’t he be like, 'Let’s take that money and move to Bermuda. Let’s not see Bill every day at the diner. Let’s leave!' " New York Magazine finds the silver lining in the character's actual exit: "At least he died doing what we loved him for best: being heroic and naked."

Joe Manganiello tweeted to Truebies:

Anna Paquin gave a shout-out to her co-star:

While shocked by Alcide's death, audiences were surprised to see the return of Sarah Newlin. "Everyone’s favorite sex-crazed fundamentalist resurfaced in the guru’s Los Angeles compound," The New York Times recaps, "where she was hiding out under the name Numi." Entertainment Weekly chooses "to believe it's spelled Nomi, after 'Showgirls'" and hypothesizes that "Sarah Newlin's returned so Eric can destroy her." Says TV Line of Sarah: "Yoga won’t save her once Pam and Eric come calling, just as it didn’t save her guru lover. (R.I.P., guru lover!)"

Eric's search for Sarah was a seed planted by Pam who "insists that Eric wait for a cure to his H-Vamp disease rather than choose death," Hypable summarizes. "The fact that she's still alive was the only thing that got present-day Eric out of his deathbed for one last adventure. He might have full-blown Hep V," New York Magazine notes, "but not even he could resist finishing off one of his mortal enemies." … Sick or not, he is after all still Eric f*cking Northman.

Were you surprised to see Sarah Newlin alive and well? What was your reaction to Alcide's death? Share your thoughts in the comments.

True Tune

Who covered the song that inspired this week's episode title? "The simple, haunting version of the Steely Dan song 'Fire in the Hole' – with its lyric 'Am I myself or just another freak?' – was by the Swedish duo Sara Isaksson and Rebecka Tornquivst, who put out an album of Dan covers in 2006," The New York Times explains.

OD on V

  • Lauren Bowles tweeted along with the episode and shared photos from behind the scenes: 
  • Coping Lafayette style = shaking it out.