5 Comic-Con Moments With Kristin Bauer van Straten

Truebies never have to worry about reciprocation when it comes to Pam – Kristin Bauer van Straten loves True Blood fans as much as they love her. The actress was teary-eyed several times during her Comic-Con appearances, but that didn't mean she wasn't having a blast. Here are five highlights from San Diego, as told by True Blood's sassiest vampire.

1. Appreciation for Pam's Past and Present

The actress applauds what a great season it's been for her as an actor, given the range of emotions that have gone into her scenes. Fans are also on board – they erupted in cheers when Bauer mentioned the Eric and Pam backstory.  

2. Fangs Are Cooler Than Flight 

Obviously, Bauer's first choice is to remain a vampire, but if she had to be another supe, she would shape shift. The animal lover mentioned how fun it would be to fly – although not as a fly (Sam can speak to that). 

3. The Origins of an Accent

Bauer developed Pam's signature accent to service her dialogue… as she explained, "You have to lower your voice to say something like 'Republic*nt.' "

4. Vamps Are Game

At an X-Box panel, Bauer explained why vamps make such excellent gamers: "Vamp speed works with our thumbs. Plus, we stay up all night and the whole world is asleep, so if you’re not feeding, you’re gaming – with vamp speed." Her choice for the best True Blood video game character? "Who could beat Eric? I think Pam is very fierce, but she’s not quite as fierce as Eric."

5. Cake Was Had (and Eaten too)

Bauer snapped a shot of the True Blood-themed dessert: