'Karma' Fangover: A Bitter Pill to Swallow

By Katie M. Lucas

This week, True Blood dealt with some difficult realities. For Truebies and the series cast, that meant facing True Blood's fast-approaching end – a truth that brought Kristin Bauer van Straten to tears at the show's final Comic-Con panel this weekend. Stephen Moyer documented the event on Twitter:

During the panel, Bauer van Straten deferred the hypothetical chance to play a different True Blood character other than Pam, while Deborah Ann Woll – who plays Jessica – surprised the crowd by choosing Sarah Newlin.

And it was that sassy character who definitely savored the spotlight in Sunday's episode. "Sarah told her sister that Governor Burrell’s scientists had indeed developed an antidote," The New York Times recaps, "and that in the chaos of last season’s finale, Sarah had done what comes naturally and downed the one sample, turning herself into a walking anti-Hep V drug cocktail." In an interview with New York Magazine, actress Anna Camp shares her character's perspective: "She's completely psychotic," Camp explains, "She believes she's been sent to save both the vampire race and the human race."

"It seems pretty appropriate that in True Blood’s final season, Sarah Newlin basically becomes God," The A.V. Club muses. "It’s the perfect way for her to wrap up her time on True Blood – especially because she only ended up here because of her almost superhuman self-preservation instincts." Zap2It finds poetic justice in Sarah's situation: "Yes, the lovely Miss Sarah Newlin is the antidote for the same disease she concocted that has infected the entire world's population. What's that saying about karma being the B-word, again?"

Actress Carrie Preston, True Blood's Arlene, pointed out another…ahem…messy element of the scene: 

Bill, on the other hand, saw injustice at work when he attempted to adjust his will to leave his estate to Jessica. To do so, he needs to legally adopt her, a process that would take months. Caught in red tape, "Bill had no choice but to stab the lawyer with her letter opener when she started going off on how vampires can't judge her for trying to make money when they've had centuries to amass their future and feed off the human race," EW recounts, calling the scene "a badass moment." HitFix jokes: "What do you call a predatory lawyer with a letter opener sticking out of her jugular? A good start!" 

Jason was thrilled to have his own clean break from his girlfriend Violet. "In case you weren’t already concerned about Violet’s fragile mental state last week," TV Line points out, "This Sunday’s episode confirmed it: Jason’s vampire lover is insane, and she’s not OK with the prospect of losing Jason to his ex." HitFix recaps: "Violet trashed the house, left him a note telling him that she’s over him, and wandered off to find Adilyn and Wade smooching in the woods. Will she cheer herself up by treating herself to a long, full drink of delicious faerie blood?"

What do you think, Truebies? Will Violet sip some fae? Will Eric satiate his bloodlust for Sarah Newlin? And in the face of such rapidly progressing Hep-V, what's next for Bill? 

True Tune:

Lady's song, "Karma" played this week over the titles:

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