Truebie Personality Test: "B" of @VikingWenches

As part of an ongoing series, is choosing one Truebie of the Week to help celebrate the best of the series and take our "personality test" – a choose-your-own adventure quiz with a sexy twist. The lucky fan this time around is "B", who manages the Twitter profile @VikingWenches

Play along and share your answers in the comments.

1. You're hanging out in Merlotte's, having a beer, when all of a sudden a gang of drifters barges in, guns a' blazing. You're mortally wounded – a vampire takes pity on you and turns you. Who is your maker?

Scratch that! I’m in or around Fangtasia when this happens. Eric would be my maker, since loyalty is at a premium… and Ruben hasn’t been totally replaced yet. 

2. It turns out that you're a natural at being a vampire. You perfect your new skills almost instantly. Most impressive is your glamouring, which is very advanced for a babyvamp such as yourself. Who do you glamour first and what do you want to make them forget?

Hmmm. The cast, so they would spill all the TB-related information at the Comic-Con panel? I kid, I kid.

Whoever controls all the camera footage for True Blood. I'd make them forget that they want to hide the blooper reel. Fans have been hearing rumors about the bloopers for years and would looooooove to see the footage. 

3. As a dutiful vampire citizen of Bon Temps, you allow a human to feed you – per Mayor Sam Merlotte's decree. Who do you pair up with?

Jason. He makes me laugh. 

4. While at a town mixer, you lock eyes across the room with an attractive stranger. Who is this person and what happens next? 

Sounds like I found my dinner “date”… 

5. You decide to take on the H-Vamps on your own… who do you partner with and why? What is your strategy? 

Eric, a thousand years of experience will help rout those bastards. Pam would be there too, since the vamps are squatting in her bar and Pam doesn’t like sharing that way.

Lightning Round

Who are you dying to see end up together?

I’ve always said I want Eric to be with whomever he wants. He deserves it. But I’ve also always 'shipped Eric and Sookie… and I will go down with my ship.

What's your favorite episode?

Man, tough question. Alex [Skarsgard] has done a fabulous job portraying Eric Northman  – makes it tough to choose one. But I have to go with “I Will Rise Up” from Season 2. “Timebomb” held the title for a week, but “I Will Rise Up” set a very high bar for every episode viewed after it. 

If you could have any prop from the set, what would it be?

Eric’s leather jacket. Need I say more?

If you could give one piece of advice to any character – who would it be and what would you say?

Willa. She has had a rough go as both a human and a vampire. I’d love to say to her that she might be released, but she still is a part of Godric's line and can reach out.

If you could be any kind of supe, what would you be?

I signed on to True Blood for the vampires, so I wouldn’t want to be anything else.