'Lost Cause' Fangover: The Life of the Party

By Katie M. Lucas

This week on True Blood, the gang popped bottles and poured two out. "True Blood just pulled off the best episode of the season," cheers Indiewire, "and it did so simply by throwing all the characters together for a night of drunken revelry." New York Magazine admires the booze-fueled heart-to-hearts: "From Arlene's advice to Sookie on how to deal with the death of a partner to Andy's touching admission to Jessica that her guilt was harming his own healing process, True Blood has never been more thoughtful and affecting than this." Actor Carrie Preston is also a fan of Arlene and Sookie's moment: "Last season and this season, we’re really getting back to Arlene and Sookie being friends," Preston tells HBO.com, adding, "We kind of lost track of that along the way." 

Meanwhile at the party, characters embraced relationships – in more than a friendly way. The actor behind James, Nathan Parsons, describes his connection with Lafayette to the Hollywood Reporter as "a story that is important and should be told and needs to be shared." Lafayette communicated his bottom line to Jessica in what Time calls "a glorious speech about how he, the one openly gay man in town, deserves happiness too. Can we please have an all-Lafayette TV show?" Entertainment Weekly agrees: "It's the best scene in the episode and, probably the best scene Nelsan Ellis has ever received on the show."

Jess and James' break-up opened the door for a Jess and Jason reunion, or as TV Line puts it: "Jessica hopped aboard the Stackhouse Express for one last ride. Unfortunately, Queen Crazy Pants (aka Violet) overheard the exes reuniting from the other side of the door, and the look in her eye had me terrified. (Run, Jessica! You in danger, girl!)"

Sarah Newlin didn't have to be told to run – the lady hightailed it out of harm's way. To search for Newlin, "Eric and Pam went undercover at a fancy dress Republican fundraiser," Indiewire recaps, "Pam wears purple sequins and Eric winds up basically dressed as the wrestler JBL. It is GLORIOUS." Unfortunately for Sarah, "said fundraiser is interrupted by the CORPORATE KATANA ASSASSINATION SQUAD (now confirmed to be the Yakuza)."

"Eric got to Sarah just before the Japanese, inadvertently saving her life and finally taking extreme revenge on Hiroki, the yakuza who had ordered the death of Eric’s French paramour, Sylvie, back in 1986," the New York Times notes. New York Magazine describes the act of vengeance: "Eric ripped apart the main Yakuza guy's face in a manner that made a certain Game of Thrones death look tame by comparison."

A less violent but equally terrifying sight? Bill's Hep-V vein. "This revelation is especially heartbreaking because, prior to Bill’s gruesome discovery, viewers were treated to some quality Bill-Sookie moments," TV Line remarks. "When Sookie thanked Bill for 'seeing me the way I can’t see myself sometimes,' and those classic Bill-Sookie strings started playing, you couldn’t help but feel nostalgic for the good ol’ days."

What about you, Truebies? Were you nostalgic for earlier times? Did Sookie and Bill's big moment make you wish for them to be together? And with Bill and Eric both infected, what's next?

True Tune 

"Lost Cause" borrows its title from a Beck song:

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