'Death Is Not the End' Fangover: Roots and Reunions

By Katie M. Lucas

While this week's episode of 'True Blood' had plenty of action – our heroes faced-off at Fangtasia against a pack of Hep-V infected vamps, after all – what really had audiences buzzing was the relationship between the characters. "Season 7 capitalizes on seven years of character development – or, more specifically, the development of our feelings toward these characters," New York Magazine attests, proclaiming that "'Death Is Not the End' was probably the best 'True Blood' episode of the entire series so fan… And that's without male nudity."

The big news from Sunday night’s episode according to the New York Times? "Eric’s back." Not only did Eric and Pam – who Time maintains "should definitely have their own spin-off or, at least, be cast in 'True Detective' Season 2" – return to Shreveport, fans also got a flashback. "I loved seeing Fangtasia’s backstory this week," TV Line's Andy Swift gushes. "Maybe I’m just nostalgic for video rental stores, or maybe I was craving a dose of Vitamin Ginger, but it was all so perfect. Over the seasons, Fangtasia has almost become its own character, so it’s only fair it gets the same send-off as everyone else." The New York Times was enthralled by the story, asserting that "the real revelation, was that Fangtasia – right down its name – was the idea of the ditzy waitress Ginger (Tara Buck), and that Pam glamoured her and took credit. Vampires." 

"She didn’t know what she was in for when she signed up to work for vampires," actress Tara Buck tells HBO.com about Ginger's glamoured demeanor: "I think of that groupie or roadie that’s like, strung out from years of a hard life. It’s a little bit of a pirate’s life. A lot of great stories, but you get fried."

Eric also had fans' attention in the current timeline – especially when it came to his reunion with Sookie. "This scene, even without a kiss, is swoon- and rewind-worthy," Entertainment Weekly cheers. "You want to hug whoever lit Eric – even with the Hep-V veins, he's never looked better." EW celebrates the "series returning to a much-desired Bill-Sookie-Eric triangle," adding that the story feels believable thanks to "the power of a look, a line delivery, an embrace – and what it can convey when you have seasons of history behind it."

Or as one fan puts it: 

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True Tune:

•    "Death Is Not the End," the song that plays over the credits, is by Bob Dylan. Listen below: 

•    Entertainment Weekly notes the poetic justice in this week's flashback scene: "The song playing is Garbage's stalker anthem "#1 Crush," which is perfect since Ginger immediately forgoes her college education once Eric kisses her hand."

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