Truebie Personality Test: Toni of @TBconfid

As part of an ongoing series, is choosing one Truebie of the Week to help celebrate the best of the series and take our "personality test" – a choose-your-own adventure quiz with a sexy twist. The lucky fan this time around is Toni, who manages the Twitter profile @TBconfid

Play along and share your answers in the comments.

You're hanging out in Merlotte's, having a beer, when all of a sudden a gang of drifters barges in, guns a 'blazing. You're mortally wounded – a vampire takes pity on you and turns you. Who is your maker? 

A. Bill
B. Eric
C. Pam
D. Tara
E. Jessica 

Pam. We both have a love of fashion, shoes and PINK! We'd have fun shopping in NYC as well as Milan and Paris. We'd glamour designers into giving us clothes. 

2. It turns out that you're a natural at being a vampire. You perfect your new skills almost instantly. Most impressive is your glamouring, which is very advanced for a babyvamp such as yourself. Who do you glamour first and what do you want to make them forget? 

Jason Stackhouse – he'd have to forget he's a manwhore, and we'd have to figure out a way to lose Violet. 

3. As a dutiful vampire citizen of Bon Temps, you allow a human to feed you – per Mayor Sam Merlotte's decree. Who do you pair up with? 

A. Lafayette 

Lafayette, for the obvious reasons: DRANKS, dancing and Brujeria! 

4. While at a town mixer, you lock eyes across the room with an attractive stranger. Who is this person and what happens next?  

Sam. I ask him if he still has any of the Maenad money stashed somewhere because he's generous and would share. 

5. You decide to take on the H-Vamps on your own…who do you partner with and why? What is your strategy?  

If I'm human, I choose Jason with flamethrowers and guns with wooden bullets. We attack their nests in the morning, wearing silver-plated suits of armor. We get every one of them in one shot.  

Lightning Round

Who are you dying to see end up together? 

Eric realizes he does love Pam, and she realizes that she feels the same way about him. They go into the moonlight to live forever by each other's side. My second choice is Ike and Marcellus from season 5. They were so cute together in their the matching silk jammies and robes.

What's your favorite episode?  

Season 1, episode 1. There was nothing better than Bill walking into Merlotte's. To quote the theme song, "You went in, the air went out." Great scene. 

If you could have any prop from the set, what would it be?  

Eric's throne from Fangtasia. I'd watch the show while sitting on it.  

If you could give one piece of advice to any character – who would it be and what would you say? 

I would tell my King Russell, "Stay away from faeries and keep Talbot close at all times." 

If you could be any kind of supe, what would you be? 

A true shifter that could change into any creature. Flying like a bird would be a dream come true!