'I Found You' Fangover: What Dreams Are Made Of

By Katie M. Lucas

Last night's episode sparked an inferno of conversation around one long-awaited, steamy scene between Eric and Jason. One viewer summed up the prevailing fan sentiment:

Critics were equally satisfied. Gawker paid tribute to Stackhouse's sexually charged nature: "Jason's relationship with his own penis is as complex and poignant as any romance." Gawker added: "'True Blood' is still the smartest show on TV, and gets no credit for it. But one of the ways it is very smart is how last night, Jason Stackhouse and Eric Northman f**ked each other, and it was excellent by any standard you can think of."

Entertainment Weekly connected with the creative minds that brought the scene to life. Kate Barnow explains her mindset while writing the hook-up: "We wanted to make it feel like, 'Oh, maybe, in Jason’s subconscious, he’s had feelings for Eric in ways that we’ve never known.' I personally feel like the character Jason Stackhouse has probably always really admired Eric Northman from afar: Like if I was vampire, that’s the kind of vampire I’d be." Director Howard Deutch shares what Alexander Skarsgard and Ryan Kwanten brought to the scene: "They just played it for the truth of what their characters felt, and so they made love," Deutch explains, "We just had two cameras going on them, and panning and groping – they’re both gorgeous guys and they have amazing bodies, so it’s not that difficult to do that." Ryan Kwanten tells the Daily Beast about filming with Skarsgard: “It was actually really fun. He’s one of the cast members that I never really got to work with, so we’d always talk after a table read, like, 'What do you think we would do if we ever put in a scene together?' And I think the showrunners finally got that opportunity in the form of what you’ve seen.'"

Unlike Jason's glorious dream, Sookie and Co. lived through what New York Magazine calls a "next-level existential nightmare." The group "traces the Hep-V vampires' trail of corpses to a neighboring town only to find it utterly deserted, its buildings graffitied with pleas for mercy, and then eventually come upon a mass grave." New York Magazine continued by musing that it was “one of the darkest journeys 'True Blood' has taken us on."

Things were equally bleak in the basement where Holly, Nicole and Arlene were held captive. The New York Times praises "Carrie Preston’s delivery of Arlene’s rallying cry," calling her assertion "an elegant précis of the series so far: 'I did not survive four lousy husbands, a serial-killer boyfriend and the sort-of suicide of my love, Terry, to die in the dingy basement of a vampire bar.'"

Pam also fought for survival…but not of her, rather for that of her maker, Eric, who she finally found in France. "Sure, he looked just as smolder-y and wonderful as we remember him… except he’s fallen prey to the dreaded Hep-V virus," TV Line recaps, pleading, "Surely, they’ve got to come up with a way to save him over the next eight episodes; we can’t lose him again." In an interview with New York Magazine, actor Kristin Bauer van Straten articulates what's at stake: "Their relationship is more complex than a father/daughter relationship, but that's the closest thing we have as humans. A best friend and a father that's been stretched over a 100 years." Bauer van Straten continues, "It's inconceivable for her to think of existing without him."

Jumping off of Bauer van Straten’s comment, dear Truebie, who is 'True Blood' inconceivable without for you? Vote in the poll below and explain your choice in the comments.

True Tune

This episode's title, “I Found You,” is borrowed from this Alabama Shakes' jam:

OD on V

Stephen Moyer tweeted pictures from the 'True Blood' wrap party, including this gem:

Pizza forensics? Delicious!