Truebie Personality Test: Mel and Liz of

By Katie M. Lucas is all about celebrating the best of 'True Blood' -- which includes the characters, stories and abs (real talk!) that have thrilled viewers over the years. But we would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge another force that propelled Bon Temps into the zeitgeist: the Truebies. Throughout the final season, we'll be chatting with some of the most dedicated Truebies to administer a "personality test" -- a choose your own adventure quiz with a sexy twist.

Feel free to play along.

Our first "Ultimate Truebies" are Liz Henderson and Mel Lowery of

You're hanging out in Merlotte's, having a beer, when all of a sudden a gang of drifters barges in, guns a'blazin'. You're mortally wounded -- a vampire takes pity on you and turns you. Who is your maker?

A. Bill
B. Eric
C. Pam
D. Tara
E. Jessica

Mel: I would go with Bill because he's shown himself to be more concerned about the emotional welfare of his progeny.
Liz: This is not going to be a surprise: I'm going to go with Bill, too. I like the way he handles Jessica, and I feel like if I wanted to go partying all night, I would probably have an easier time pulling the wool over Bill's eyes than Eric.

It turns out that you're a natural at being a vampire. You perfect your new skills almost instantly. Most impressive is your glamouring, which is very advanced for a babyvamp such as yourself. Who do you glamour first and what do you want to make them forget?

Mel: I would glamour the people that hold my student loan and make them forget I ever existed. If it was a character, I'd probably glamour Jessica, bless her heart, into forgetting that she killed the faerie daughters.
Liz: I would glamour Alcide and make him forget that he's alpha-male. Life would be so much easier! He's too into himself, and I just can't deal with that.

As a dutiful vampire citizen of Bon Temps, you allow a human to feed you -- per Mayor Sam Merlotte's decree. Who do you pair up with?

A. Lafayette
B. Arlene
C. Andy
D. Holly
E. Sam
F. Jason

Mel: Sam, please. Everyone who reads our site knows who I answer for that one!
Liz: I'm gonna go with Holly. I just think she could be fun, you know? And if I'm going to go out for a night on the town, I want Holly with me.

While at a town mixer, you lock eyes across the room with an attractive stranger. Who is this person and what happens next?

Mel: Well, everybody on the show is attractive…I don't know.
Liz: I would say Lafayette. He's the party animal. Can you tell which one of us is the partier? I would like to go and then smoke with him.
Mel: Woah, Liz! You're the one who's married with kids and everything!
Liz: I have a very loving husband and everything.
Mel: Wild child! I would say Eric because he's over 1000 years old. I'm really interested in history and he could give me like the first-hand account of everything. I’m the bookish one!

You decide to take on the H-Vamps … who do you partner with and why? What is your strategy?

Mel: Obviously we partner with each other, and then we add to our little posse with Sookie because she has the faeire power that could really hold them at bay long enough for us to stake them. Plus she's fierce. She's a fighter.
Liz: I would pick Jason. The guy's got nerve. Jason's not afraid to go up against anybody so we could use the fearlessness in our posse.

Lightning Round

Who are you dying to see end up together?

Liz: Sam and Sookie.
Mel: I've been a Sam and Sookie fan since I read the very first book back in 2001. I was delighted with how Charlaine Harris ended the book series. Obviously on the show, their relationship isn't quite the same as it is in the books, but Sookie needs to be able to be out in the sunlight and be able to share her life with someone completely. She's gotta have somebody who can give her babies, so that takes all the vampires in the equation. Alcide is too protective. Sam is a nurturer -- they have established a long friendship that has been right on the edge of attraction for a long time. That's what I think makes the strongest relationships.

What's your favorite episode?

Mel: The one when Godric dies.
Liz: Terry's funeral. That was pretty important. I also would choose the episode where Tara turned vampire. The reason being that initially, I was totally against it. But for that character it worked, and I thought it was brilliant.

If you could have any prop from the set, what would it be?

Liz: Just a prop, right? Not like, Sookie's whole house?
Mel: I want Sookie's refrigerator. It's in the center of her home, and she's been brought up to be hospitable. So even when she doesn't like someone she's like, "Can I get you a drink?" To me the kitchen kind of exemplifies Sookie and Gran, although obviously she's not around anymore.
Liz: In Merlotte's there's a wall of photos and memorabilia. That would be cool to have, just for the memories.

If you could give one piece of advice to any character – who would it be and what would you say?

Mel: "Sookie, go on vacation. By yourself."
Liz: "Jessica, grab some more daddy-daughter time with Bill and demand it. Nail that man down and tell him, look, we need to go on a camping trip or something. Let's go fishing."

If you could be any kind of supe, what would you be?

Mel: A shifter.
Liz: A shifter. Although there's the unfortunate part about being naked all of the time.