'Jesus Gonna Be Here' Fangover: Shock and Awe From the Set and Beyond


By Katie M. Lucas

Much like Pam playing Russian roulette, the premiere episode of the seventh and final season of 'True Blood' was serious about pulling the trigger. The hour began with "one of the darkest, most breathlessly terrifying sequences in 'True Blood' history," New York Magazine recounts, culminating in a shocking causality: "Tara was MURDERED." Pour one out, Truebies.

TV Line voices their reaction: "Is Tara really gone? 'Death' has always been a relative term on 'True Blood,' and with T’s manic mama screaming about having visions of her around the house, I think it’s safe to say we haven’t seen the last of Tara." TrueToTheEnd.com asked the same question to actor Rutina Wesley: Check out the full interview for what she had to say about how true her True Death was.

Beyond Tara, the remaining characters dealt with the mob's resulting mayhem. "In what we can only hope is a preview of 'True Detective' season two, Bill and Andy are on the hunt for the gang of vamps who took Holly and Arlene," Time recaps. Entertainment Weekly gives props to Sheriff Bellefleur: "A young man named Lou holds his aim, and Andy tells him his life will never be the same after he takes a human life. The kid lowers his weapon, and while this won't be the end of the vigilantes, this is Andy at his best. Maybe this town does stand a chance."


Andy wasn’t the only one pledging to protect and defend. The New York Times notes that the "most touching are the scenes of the reluctant vampire Jessica standing watch outside the Bellefleur house, guarding the last of Andy’s daughters, Adilyn, while fighting off the urge to feast on her faerie blood." New York Magazine cheers: "Like most of the rest of the episode, the stakes here were clear and moving, and required no more special effects than the two actresses' natural abilities to convey emotion." For even more feelings from Jess, visit her blog. The weekly updates will get you up close and personal with the vampire.

Like Jess, Sookie begged her cause. "You couldn’t help but feel for Sookie in that final scene, when she begged the people of Bon Temps to let her help them," TV Line muses. "It was a nice reminder that, deep down, Sookie really is just a simple small-town girl who wants to make things right. Also, she’s literally a fairy princess."

While Sookie was dismayed about Alcide's feelings, fans were thrilled to see the couple reconcile. In the buff. Believe it or not, that scene was directed by Anna Paquin's real life husband, Stephen Moyer. The director tells Entertainment Weekly: "There are moments where I’ll be watching on a monitor [and say], 'Oh, Joe, just move your hand up towards Anna’s breast. Good.'" Oy, that’s not awkward at all!

Moyer tweeted about his big episode:

Was the premiere all you were waiting for? Are you mourning for Tara? And what about Eric… ? Talk it out in the comments!

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