True Throwback: 8 Workin' It Moments

By Tanner Stransky

"You betta work!" It's a famous line that gets easily tossed around, but truly, no group of folks heeds that edict better than the residents of Bon Temps. From Pam strutting around in a hot pair of pumps (as noted by Eric) to Jason Stackhouse doing an on-video dance for Lafayette (yes!), the characters of 'True Blood' know how to work, werk, and werq  and you don't have to be on the job to do it.

Today in the final entry in our True Throwback series that celebrates the best of 'True Blood,' we've rounded up a bunch of times the cast really showed what they're made of and sizzled on screen. Here are eight workin' it moments that have kept Truebies charmed since the beginning.

Lafayette tells Tara that Jason Stackhouse is "sex on a stick":

Jason Stackhouse gives Warlow a shave:

Eric comments on Pam's "great pumps":

Jessica dresses as a schoolgirl:

Bill, Eric, and Sookie get cozy:

Jessica asks Steve a question: "Have you seen Jason's butt?":

Alcide makes a shift:

Jason Stackhouse puts on a show for Lafayette:

What other 'True Blood' moments do you think define the spirit of "workin' it"? Tell all in the comments section.

It's just two days from the Season 7 premiere! New episodes start this Sunday, June 22 at 9pm ET.