Sticky Fingers on Set? The Cast Reveals Their Parting Mementos

The cast of 'True Blood' strutted down the red carpet yesterday at the Season 7 premiere in Los Angeles. We snapped shots of the stars and asked the group what souvenir they'd swipe from the set. Check out the goods below – the eye candy should more than tide you over until Sunday's premiere at 9pm ET. 

Nelsan Ellis

Souvenir From Set: "I would take Lafayette's eyelashes to make my eyes pretty."

Kristin Bauer Van Straten

Souvenir From Set: "I would take this velvet painting that shows a past president as a vampire." 

Deborah Ann Woll

Souvenir From Set: "My Red Riding Hood cape. It was a custom piece."

Joe Manganiello

Souvenir From Set: "My sock."

Carrie Preston

Souvenir From Set: "I would take one of the Merlotte's uniforms, including my signature fanny pack."

Chris Bauer

Souvenir From Set: "My sheriff's badge."

Lauren Bowles

Souvenir From Set: "A Merlotte's menu"

Michael McMillian

Souvenir From Set: "The best souvenir would be Eric's throne."

Anna Camp

Souvenir From Set: "The high heel I used to kill Mrs. Suzuki."

Amelia Rose Blaire

Souvenir From Set: "I would take my fangs." 

Bailey Noble

Souvenir From Set: "If I could, I would take the entire cast and crew with me!"