True Throwback: 7 Momentous Maker Moments


By Tanner Stransky

Just as Truebies celebrated their fathers yesterday, the vampires of 'True Blood' have a lot to thank their makers for. Few of the series' relationships are more robust than the bond between vampire maker and progeny. Just consider the (ever-evolving) connection between maker-progeny duos like Bill and Jessica, Godric and Eric, and Eric and Pam.

Today we continue our True Throwback series that celebrates the best of 'True Blood' with a round-up of what we're calling "maker moments," or touching occasions between a smattering of these indelible 'True Blood' duos. 

In advance of the Season 7 premiere on June 22, enjoy seven such "maker moments" that recognize the many ways makers "parent" their progeny. 

Teacher: Bill gives babyvamp Jessica a lesson in being a responsible citizen.

Giver: Pam presents Tara with a treat in the form of a very familiar face...

Protector: Eric spills a little blood to defend Pam.

Savior: Godric gives Eric (eternal) life.

Hostess: Lorena schools Bills on how a vampire throws a dinner party.

Cheerleader: Eric gives props to Pam.

Humanitarian: Eric promises to be gentle with Willa.

Do you have a favorite "maker moment" from 'True Blood'? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Season 7 premieres this Sunday, June 22, at 9pm ET.

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