True Throwback: 6 Fave First Times


By Katie M. Lucas

Thrills. Goosebumps. Sweat… And we're not just talking about Jason Stackhouse's love life.

The past six seasons of 'True Blood' have given Truebies plenty of moments to fang-out over. In celebration of the final season, we're counting down both the days until the Season 7 premiere – ahem, 25 days – and some of the series' most unforgettable moments.

Where better to start than the beginning? Let's dive in with some fan-favorite firsts from ‘True Blood’ to get you ready for the new season on June 22.

The show's greatest love story – Bill and Sookie – had to start somewhere.

Sookie lets her hair down… the rest is history.

Fangtasia's owner meets the girl in the white dress. And a love triangle is born.

 Eric makes his move; audiences everywhere swoon.

We dare you not to smile when Hoyt's teenage dream strolls into Merlotte's.

Tara and Pam make out? We knew it!

What’s your favorite first time? Tell us the moment that made you a Truebie in the comments below.

Season 7 premieres on June 22 at 9pm ET.

Nothing raises the stakes on 'True Blood' like a True Death. Check back on Monday to relive some of the series' most enduring – and memorable – exits.