The Fangover: Sookie's Date with Destiny; Eric Dumps Bill; Sarah Newlin Steps It Up


"Destiny's too much of a bitch to keep fightin'," Sookie Stackhouse announces this week, and she's hardly the only character at a crossroads. Supes and humans alike debate their fates, leaving several characters feeling just like the episode's title: "Dead Meat."

Sookie ultimately decides to accept Warlow's proposal and become "a walking corpse." In this week's Inside the Episode, Executive Producer Brian Buckner explains that Sookie is "looking for a lifeline." She futilely seeks guidance from Bill, Jason and Sam, but she can't find "hope to stay human," says director Michael Lehmann. "Sookie's going all in," Huffington Post declares. "The monologue at her parents' graves was the best Sookie I've ever seen." Just as the blushing vampire bride goes to untie her groom and tie the knot ("It's a nice day for a black wedding!" exclaims TV Line), she finds there's competition for Warlow's blood. 

Alcide also makes a decision to leave his kind: he's out of the pack. "Though I was kind of digging Alcide as a villain and I appreciated the fact that the other two members of his ménage à trois attempted to kick his ass," New York Magazine admits, "it was still nice to see him make nice with Sam Merlotte over drinks later that night." Entertainment Weekly agrees: "Sam told Alcide there was a cold beer with his name on it. Male bonding. Yay." 

Nicole also chooses to stay with Sam, who (surprise!) is her soon-to-be baby's daddy. Sam's shifter super sense of smell let him know that Nicole's expecting. Rolling Stone quips: "Better keep your identity hidden Sam, because you're going to put the home pregnancy test industry out of business." Alcide also sniffed out the supe sympathizer's bun in the oven, and the two drink to the news. 

Things were less bromantic for the vampires; Eric lets Bill know "It's not me, it's you" and decides to see other people, namely, Adylin and Warlow. "There was no way Bill and Eric would be on the same side for very long, but when Bill decided it was a good time to talk strategy as Eric wiped the gooey remains of his sister off of his chest," notes, "I had to wonder if Lilith had given her new host great powers while robbing him of every shred of tact." Rolling Stone details Eric's rogue plan: "Now that he's had his own Warlow-infused meal, the worst thing UV rays might do to that fair-skinned Swede is a touch of sunburn."

While the boys brawled, a catfight ensued, to the delight of fans and critics. New York Magazine calls Sarah Newlin's smackdown with Tru Blood distributor Ms. Suzuki "Itchy & Scratchy cartoon played out before our eyes… One of the best things I've seen on television all year." In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, actress Anna Camp calls the fight "the craziest scene I've ever shot." Huffington Post concurs that the scene was "as comical as it was disgusting… the kind of scene that makes you remember why you love this show." provides the takeaway: "high heels and grated panels don't mix." 

With only two episodes left this season, Sarah's dream to eradicate the vampire population seems one step closer, as does Bill's vision that his friends will meet the sun and Warlow's wish to wed Sookie. Huffington Post is nervous: "I don't know if I'm ready for a fairy-vampire wedding." Are you? Whose date with destiny are you rooting for? Share your theories in the comments.

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Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Is Eric going to have dreams about me shaving him now?

— Robert Kazinsky (@RobertKazinsky) August 5, 2013

And cast member! #cronuts RT“@MakuraZalis: Steve (@McMillzz) has to be True Blood's most out of shape vampire. #stevenewlin#trueblood#lol

— Michael McMillian (@McMillzz) August 5, 2013

"Oozy, but productive." Pam is such a romantic @TrueBloodHBO@BauervanStraten

— Andrew (@badrighthand) August 5, 2013

I love Lafayette. He's fabulous, and he solves shit by cooking. #TrueBlood@TrueBloodHBO

— Tania C. Cárdenas (@fauxinnocence) August 5, 2013

I will *never* look at high heels the same way again. @TrueBloodHBO#TrueBlood

— Sarah Katz (@sarahdkatz) August 5, 2013

Sound Bites of the Week

  • "I brought second and third pairs of underwear, in case of wedgies. Most days I needed a fourth..." – Steve Newlin
  • "And you, young man, most certainly didn't get her shirt off. Sorry to take that one away from you..." – Eric 
  • "Take your time, silver fox." – Nicole's mom

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