The Fangover: Fire on the Mountain; No More 175-Year-Old Bullsh*t; Tara’s a Mother Sucker


Another ‘True Blood’ finale, another uncertain fate for a beloved vampire. “Radioactive” put the final nail in Season 6’s coffin and reminded us that like the pack of hungry Hep V-infected vamps lurking outside the newly-branded Bellefleur’s, danger is never far off in ‘True Blood.’

Fans are terrified for Eric, after his hopes for a secluded mountain getaway went up in flames. In this week’s Inside the Episode, director Scott Winant explains that Eric’s blood-screen “becomes ineffectual once Warlow dies.” Rolling Stone voices the general fan reaction: “If that was indeed Alexander Skarsgard's farewell performance, I'm grateful he demonstrated his lack of use for the ‘privacy sock,’ and allowed us to see every last inch of his sun-kissed body.”

Mercifully, the Bon Temps vampires enjoyed their fun in the sun without incinerating. Like any teenager, Jessica posted a photo from the shindig on her blog. New York Magazine enjoyed the vamps’ daytime party, noting that “the relaxed, celebratory nature of these early scenes was sincerely a pleasure to watch after having seen so many of our beloved characters living in death-camp squalor for most of the season.”

Equally enjoyable was Bill’s return to true form. He organizes the rescue party that delivers Sookie from the clutches of her evil-after-all ex-fiancé. “Warlow gives chase, cornering Sookie in her bathroom, which – surprise! – allows Niall to reach through that room’s handy-dandy portal and hold the baddie still just long enough for Jason to stake him,” recaps TV Line. “Hurrah – day saved.”

Six months later, Sookie finds herself in the arms of not a vampire – but a werewolf. “Alcide's now centerstage, and Bill's remembering that, without his Lilith blood, his world really does revolve around Sookie,” Huffington Post points out. “The love triangle is back in shape.” In light of the new romance, Bill’s offer to protect Sookie from the rampant Hep V-infected vampire population is shot down. Bill “promises he can be trusted now,” Zap2It recounts, “but Sookie appropriately notes that even on their best days she could never trust him.” Rolling Stone quips, “Sookie ain't buying any of his 175-year-old bullsh*t.” 

The human blood for vampire protection plan is the brainchild of new mayor Sam Merlotte. His plot to protect his constituency has the support of critics. “We know that some vampires can't separate feeding and sex, so that should make for some juicy/fun story lines,” Entertainment Weekly cheers. New York Magazine characterizes the strategy as “a Violet-Jason relationship on a massive scale” and calls it “one of the strongest and most interesting dynamics in ‘True Blood's history.”

The vampire-human partnerships begin with an unlikely pairing: Tara and her mother, Lettie Mae. Rolling Stone calls the reunion “a beautiful scene between Rutina Wesley and Adina Porter.” TV Line agrees: “How awesome were Tara and Lettie Mae in the (exceptionally well-written) scene in which they reconciled?” Zap2It has a more sinister reading of the sentimental scene: “We can't be the only ones who for a brief second thought Lettie Mae was trying to off Tara once and for all by infecting her with Hep V.” 

How did you read the mother-daughter reconciliation? Is it too late for Eric? Are you Team Sookcide? Share your thoughts on the finale and predictions for Season 7 in the comments below.

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Sound Bites of the Week

  • "It's not like he didn’t deserve it.” – Bill on killing Burrell 
  • "Who's making a Target run?" – Newly liberated vampire
  • "You really are a danger whore, aren't you?" - Warlow

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