The Fangover: A Faerie Femme Fatale; Jessica Binge-Feeds; and Eric Issues Willa Another V-Card


At Last” shows Bon Temps’ supernatural citizens struggling to maintain their humanity. Vampires can’t help themselves from feasting on fae – as Jason reminds Andy, faeries are like vampire catnip. Flavorwire is stoked that there are “no nice cuddly vampires this week.” The undead remind “everyone of why it is we were supposed to be terrified of them in the first place.”

Willa Burrell learns firsthand that vamp-ing is no walk in the park. Things start out promising as Eric treats the governor’s daughter to “the hottest vampire-turning scene to date on this show,” according to Rolling Stone. Willa collects another v-card, while “every line of dialogue (‘Is it going to hurt?’ ‘Not the way I do it’) and blood stain (her snow-white negligee is soaked crimson) become euphemisms for virgin Willa's first time – Eric's use of her crucifix to pierce his neck was a nice touch.” Sadly, all the foreplay culminates in Willa realizing she’s just a political pawn in Eric’s scheme. Cue the vamp-lash.

“Eric's 1,000-year-old arrogance (which he perceived as ‘wisdom’) bit him in the ass as he turned a willing Willa (pun intended) into his second progeny,” Rolling Stone argues, “only to have her sink her newborn fangs into Burrell within minutes of their reunion.” Other critics find Eric’s plan more fleshed-out. “Is this exactly what he wanted?” asks Entertainment Weekly. “Did he want Willa to end up in the Camp so he could somehow sense his way to her? So that if she manages to escape and he summons her, she can lead him back there?” Either way, Pam, Nora and Willa are all incarcerated. Huffington Post points out, “All of Eric's ladies will be in one place now. Cue the viking.”

In a tough episode for vampires, Jessica has it the worst. She aids in Bill’s plan to fae-nap Andy Bellfleur’s daughters. At first, it’s all fun and mani-pedis, but then things turn ugly when Jessica can’t control herself. In this week’s Inside the Episode, writer Alexander Woo explains that Jessica’s midnight snack forces her to realize she’s not who she thought she was.

Identity is a hot question for another vampire – Ben aka Warlow. The reveal surprised New York Magazine: “I was so blinded by my relief that Sookie had a non-monstrous love interest for once that I didn't suspect her new love interest was totally monstrous.” is intrigued that Ben isn’t your standard villain: “his good and evil sides are constantly battling against one another, and possibly Sookie brought out his inner angel.”

Sookie’s taking matters (and silver-infused fried chicken) into her own hands. “In spite of the fact that she let him get to second base,” TV Line jokes, Ben “doesn’t have her fooled.” is proud of the faerie femme fatale: “She's got her backbone back and, even though she might not have the normal life she's dreamed of, she at least isn't going to let someone else try to control it. For lack of a better term, you go girl.”

Supernatural rights advocate Nicole gets a close-up look at her cause. is curious about the newbie: “We do want to follow Nicole's journey, simply because she's viewing all the supernatural strangeness with new eyes.” She got some help from Sam, in the form of a shape-shifting horse ride, a swig of booze and a hot makeout. Rolling Stone approves: “It's always nice to see two good people find each other in this evil-infested town.”

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Sound Bites of the Week

  • "Dangit. That was my best Dirty Harry. He might just be an idiot." – Jason
  • "Four Caucasian females between 4' and 7' tall, between 60 and 260 pounds, and between the ages of 10 and 50." – Andy
  • "I hate havin' a name. Y'know I always gotta be like, 'Hey, my name's Jessica.' How lame is that, right?" – Jessica

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