The Fangover: Arlene Seeks Liquid Comfort; Sarah Gets Mad and Even; A Heart-Melting End for Eric and Nora


The body count in Bon Temps continues to climb, while the surviving cast struggles to cope. On this week’s ‘True Blood,’ our favorite characters reconcile their loss the best way they know how (beer, anyone?), and move through the stages of grief.

Denial – Jason

Jason arrives to rescue Jessica with all but a white horse. Sadly, she’s not interested in being saved. Still rife with self-loathing from the faeries’ fatalities, she only has one wish: to see James. In this week’s Inside the Episode, director Scott Howard explains that Jason “can’t do the math quick enough” to understand “he’s usurping his own relationship.” New York Magazine laments Jason’s bad timing: just as he “was ready to let Jessica back into his heart, it appeared as though her heart had moved on to longer-haired pastures.”

Anger – Sarah

Sarah arrives at her boyfriend’s house to find Burrell in a bad headspace. “The sheer campiness of Sarah kissing Burrell's severed head and then chatting with it like a particularly gruesome Hamlet musing to his skull was knee-slappingly funny and the stuff of nightmares all at the same time,” lauds The self-proclaimed unstoppable Sarah decides to get mad and get even. Once Sarah’s “done aca-accosting the Governor’s severed head,” TV Line explains, “She has Jason bloodied up and tossed in with the hungry gen-pop femmes fatales.”

Bargaining – Eric

As Nora’s condition worsens, Eric is resolved to save her. He pleads with Bill and Godric to spare Nora’s life, but his efforts are for naught; she succumbs to the ravaging effects of Hepatitis V and dies in Eric’s arms. Director Scott Howard says that Nora’s true death was “the best joining of visual and physical effects” that he’s done on the show. New York Magazine concurs: “Nora's death was perhaps even more shocking for how sad it looked. No cathartic explosion, no thrilling splat. Just a sad, gooey slide from a crying man's arms. The feeling of loss made visceral.” Rolling Stone calls Alexander Skarsgard’s performance a “magnificent breakdown,” adding that “Nora decomposed into goo will haunt anyone with a romantic heart.”

Depression – Arlene

“That was a lovely, emotional scene for Carrie Preston,” Entertainment Weekly declares, “as Arlene told Sookie about having Terry glamoured and getting a glimpse of what life would be like with him happy before it was ripped away.” In the face of devastating depression, Arlene reaches out to the truest comfort she can find: Pabst Blue Ribbon. “Andy and Holly get Arlene properly drunk enough to forget her loss,” expounds Huffington Post. “Welcome to the South!” Rolling Stone mourns Arlene's state: she’s “a wreck, and no amount of liquor can numb the pain she's going to feel when she finds out her husband orchestrated his death.”

Acceptance – Sookie

While Sookie slowly reconciles what’s happening around her – Warlow assumes she wants a ring on it, Terry’s death was suicide – she reluctantly accepts her new role as Bill’s accomplice. “She sort of plays hard to get since she drank from Warlow and has some power,” explains Huffington Post, “but it looks like she's down for fighting on Team Vamp.” Zap2It hypothesizes that “Warlow likely won't be too pleased that Sookie was convinced he was a fair trade for the lives of her friends, but his love for Sookie is real, so hopefully he'll be understanding.”

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When Sheriff Andy is the voice of reason, you know bad things are going to happen in Bon Temps. #TrueBlood

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Sound Bites of the Week:

  • "I'm so fucking glad I took my beta blockers.” – Lafayette
  • "Have fun with your sluts!” – Sarah 
  • "You don’t have that stockholder’s syndrome, do you?” – Jason 

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