The Fangover: A Teary Goodbye; Bill Faces Burrell Head-On; and A Self-Described "Danger Whore"


Life and (true) death stakes are nothing new for 'True Blood,' but this week’s episode really lived up to the season’s tagline: “No one lives forever.” A well-intentioned glamouring seals the mercy-kill deal Terry Bellefleur orchestrated last week, and the former Marine meets his end. Director Howard Deutch shares in the Inside the Episode that the scene “took on a life of its own.” Writer Daniel Kenneth adds that it was important the audience see a demon-free Terry: “Ultimately, he dies happy.”

Critics and fans were equally distraught to lose Terry, who’s been a staple since Season 1. “I'll miss him,” admits New York Magazine’s Price Peterson. “But I'll also respect ‘True Blood’ even more for making death mean something again.” Actor Todd Lowe tells the Los Angeles Times about his character’s death: “I went through a grieving process for my character, just like you would for the death of a friend." Lowe admits that the scene’s table-read got teary for his castmates: “I got this huge ovation from everyone at the table," Lowe recalls. "I'll never forget that moment.”

Another notch on the death count last night: Governor Burrell. After an ill-fated council with Lilith (“The mother of all vamps doesn’t take kindly to being used as a supernatural Google,” TV Line quips), Bill takes matters into his own hands. He throws back a vile of Warlow’s blood, “heads outside, does a quick Jesus pose to check he's not going to burst into flames, and zips off to deal with that 175-year-old Vitamin D deficiency – and the governor's head,” Rolling Stone explains. Zap2It argues that the Governor’s death “rivals Russell Edgington's most famous kill."

Meanwhile, over at vamp camp, Nora stares true death in the face after being injected with hepatitis V. The vamps escape incognito after getting a hand from a scientist (literally). “Watching them pass it back and forth matter-of-factly – hilarious,” declares Entertainment Weekly. Things go from bad to worse when Eric discovers that the Tru-Blood supply is being spiked with the deadly hepatitis V. “Yikes!” exclaims New York Magazine, “But also: Well-played, Governor.”

Things were also traumatic for Jessica, who Sarah Newlin used as a pawn to hurt Jason. Luckily for the new LAVTF recruit, there was no “copulation” to be studied, thanks to a newly-introduced vampire named James. “What could have been a salacious, trashy scene testing Jason's jealousy instead turned into a strangely moving, shared trauma between two vampires struggling to retain their humanity.” muses New York Magazine. “Hi there, new vampire James. You are attractive and respect women. Please come back, James!” cheers The AV Club.

While everyone gets busy dying, Sookie Stackhouse gets busy livin’. True to form, this involved some supernatural sexytime, but with a new leading gentleman: Ben/Warlow. Sookie “remembered that ill-advised romance was basically her No. 1 hobby (hence her self-appointed Danger Whore nickname),” New York Magazine explains “and pretty soon she was removing her unmentionables and exchanging fluids with a 5,500-year-old monster.” TV Line dishes about the bloody hookup: Sookie “lets her suitor du jour bite her (just a nibble), bites him (ew! She doesn’t even have fangs!)” In light of Warlow’s proposition to turn Sookie into a vampire, Rolling Stone has a theory about Sookie’s chomp: “Practice?” At the Comic-Con panel this past weekend, Anna Paquin admits one thing about Sookie’s tastes: “She does like handsome strangers."

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What do you mean you don't randomly give off blinding light during sex? I thought that was normal

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Wait Lilith clothed?? I hardly recognize her.

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Sound Bites of the Week

  • "Aright. Fantastico!” – Eric 
  • "I may be a whore, but I'm not stupid.” – Sookie
  • "I'm grabbing you by your pretty little Texas balls.” – Jason

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