The Fangover: Sarah Newlin's Saucy Return; Bill Goes Boy Band; and Jason Has Ain't Nothing but a Headache


Truebies everywhere are suffering from killer Fangovers today -- it was a rough night at the bars in Bon Temps. The Faerie Club got a taste of vampire patronage as we learn when "Niall goes all fae CSI at the enchanted Studio 54," according to TV Line. Meanwhile, the vamps vacate their beloved Fangtasia, leaving behind a piece of Pam's undead heart and Eric’s throne, where he first laid eyes on a white dress-wearing Sookie Stackhouse.Karen Fratti of the Huffington Post thinks there's a new faerie-substitute in Eric's life: "Willa is the new Sookie," she contends. "Eric kidnaps her, she's sympathetic to the cause, sassy, and wants to suck his blood." Their human-vampire chemistry is undeniable. In this week's Inside the Episode, director Howard Deutch calls their coffin convo "one of the more erotic scenes I've ever done." Entertainment Weekly declares the finger-licking as "the best Eric moment in AGES" and shares Willa’s reaction: "like the rest of us, she was breathless. Rewind!"

Sookie's other ex had less fun last night. First, Bill's plan to step into the sun with his arms outstretched ("you know, Godric and/or boy band style," TV Line writes) goes up in smoke. "He was a little bit more of an idiot about it," Vulture sneers, "which was very satisfying to watch!" Equally rewarding was the showdown between old lovers. "His plea that he won't hurt Sookie is met with the sound of thousands of guffaws from viewers as he explains that he wants to synthesize her blood," writes Rolling Stone. "Sookie is all 'Hell, no' at the idea of the man she once loved turning her body into a science experiment, and it's such a relief to welcome back the feisty, headstrong Sookie."

A big welcome wagon rolled out for Sarah Newlin this week. The preacher's wife turned politician appears "wearing f*ck-me-black-spiked stilettos, a dress the perfect shade of Republican red and her blond hair teased bigger than the state of Texas," details Rolling Stone. Zap2It eats up Sarah's motivations: "Of course she's working for the enemy, of course she's super mad at her formerly fanatically anti-vampire, currently gay vampire ex-husband..." The Newlins’ reunion turns the spotlight on Sarah: "It's her moment to grind a heel into her ex-husband's neck," observes, "and I can't say I blame her."

Jason's fantasies of revenge are on hold, as he's literally down for the count. Entertainment Weekly offers a prescription: "SERIOUSLY, TAKE THIS GUY TO THE HOSPITAL." TV Line agrees that something is suspect with the sometime sex addict: "What is up with his headaches and fully clothedness? That just isn't like him!"

What do you think is going on with Jason? Are you suspicious of Willa? Share your theories in the comments below.

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Sound Bites of the Week

  • "You're not God, Bill! You’re just an asshole!" -Sookie
  • "Right now I’m just using numbers... Seems to work!" -Andy
  • "I'm askin', what's the mutha-f*ckin' plan, boyfriend?" -Lafayette

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