The Fangover: Weapons of Mass Seduction

Bon Temps has had more than its share of high drama, but this season's human vs. vampire showdown escalates the stakes for the living and the dead. There's an all-out war on! Right now, the winning side consists of humans who paid attention in science class; they've whipped up an arsenal of anti-vampire technologies. Exhibit A: Tara was shot with a silver, UV light-radiating bullet. After using a beer bottle as a scalpel, Eric discovers "just how prepared the humans are to fight back," writes Entertainment Weekly, and readies himself for war. He goes incognito to infiltrate the governor’s office and quickly learns that humans play defense too—exhibit B: anti-glamouring contact lenses.


Eric’s "Clack Kent disguise," Buzzfeed says, is "way better than the entirety of 'Man of Steel.'" Rolling Stone agrees that "the most entertaining part of that scene was seeing this specimen of Nordic beauty with flattened hair and geek glasses spouting Middle America white-boy lines like ‘no problemo.'"

Despite being against the ropes, the vampires aren't going to go down without a fight. To the surprise of his human captors, Eric flies away to pay a visit to the governor's daughter, Willa. "Why do I get the feeling he's not interested in taking her to the box social?" asks Hollywood Life. Jessica also gets proactive. When she sees Bill in a catatonic state, the baby vamp orders her maker some comfort food (a blonde named Veronica), the idea, which she blogs about, didn’t turn out so great... TV Line asks: "How sick/cool was it when Billith made his Happy Meal spew blood like it was water from a fire hydrant?"

Scared and confused, Jessica turns to God. In this week's Inside the Episode, writer Angela Robinson explains how Jessica's prayer shows that she's "the most human vampire." Her plea also touched critics. "It sounds like an oxymoron, but I believe that vampire angels exist in the True Blood universe," Rolling Stone’s Sarene Leeds writes. "The more Jessicasurrounds herself with Bill, who spends this episode in a catatonic state… the fuller her heart grows for the creatures in her life." New York Magazine calls the prayer "an emotional and clever bit of writing," adding: "Dang, Jessica even threw in a shout-out to Hoyt!"

Meanwhile, over spaghetti, Sookie learns that she's a princess with her own faerie atom bomb: a supernova energy ball that means death for any vamp it touches. sums up the scene: "a Big Moment has been set up involving Sookie, vampire-killing balls of light, and possibly Rutger Hauer. I'm in." Also on the menu for Sooks: a new love interest. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor Rob Kazinsky explains Ben"s allure: "After she's been struggling with the darkness in previous seasons, this is the first time she's had some kind of a 'light' guy in her life." Although Sookie dismisses Ben, the sparks between the fae said more than words.

“To sum it up,” Huffington Post says, “new loves, new world order, and lots of spaghetti. Pass the cheese, son, this is going to be quite the ride.”

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A praying vampire, now I've seen and heard it all #TrueBlood

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Thanks for the shout-out, @HBO@TrueBlood & @Nelsan_Ellis —Lafayette, you have always been my favorite

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True Blood is way too good this season O_o my weeks currently revolve around waiting for sunday nights now lol @TrueBloodHBO

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Sound Bites of the Week

  • "I’m your f****** faerie grandfather!" – Niall Brigant
  • "We're tasty" – the tagline for Human Edibles
  • "It's a tough f---ing bird." – Eric

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