The Fangover: The Proof Is in the Pompadour; @Oprah Chimes In; Enter the Cheeto Dragon


Usually we'd think it's sweet for someone to give their new lover a puppy, but when the couple consists of sadistic vampires Russell Edginton and Steve Newlin and the puppy is Luna's werewolf daughter Emma, it takes a slightly more sinister edge. While actors Denis O'Hare and Michael McMillian have enjoyed their characters’ budding romance, there's one area where they remain competitors. "Let's make one thing perfectly clear: No one has hair higher than Steve. Except maybe Pam. Maybe," McMillian says in the Interactive Features on HBO Go. "Denis O'Hare may claim his 'do the champ, but I think the proof is in the pompadour."

Another fan favorite who delivered the goods this week was Lafayette. Just as you were wondering out loud, "Is he supposed to be Whoopi Goldberg in 'Ghost'?" Lafayette settles the matter as only he can, hissing, "I ain't Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost." So who is he channeling? Costume designer Audrey Fisher says his fashion choices are partly inspired by Marlene Dietrich's gypsy madam outfit in the film 'Touch of Evil,' which she imagines is one of his favorites.

The quips kept on coming, no more so than in Fangtasia where Pam and Tara trade zingers like the madam and bartender they were in their human days. EW recaps the highlights, which include Tara's "Suck me, Vampire Barbie," and Pam's "Just because we drank a bitch together does not make us Oprah and Gayle" — a line that caught the attention of the one and only @Oprah herself. You can ask Kristin Bauer van Straten questions about it in a live Q & A on HBO Connect on August 13. Until then, vote in this week's Tweet battle over who has more at stake—#humans or #supes?

This week’s Inside the Episode video features episode writer Raelle Tucker talking about the new Bon Temps baddie Sweetie Des Arts, whom Vulture has dubbed "The Cheeto Dragon," and episode director Dan Attias discusses filming Jason's heartfelt farewell to his best buddy Hoyt. But the real fun was on Jessica's babyvamp blog, where Jessica was making the most of her time in lockdown in Bill's house. Here, she has a little fun at the expense of Maxine Fortenberry: