The Final Fangover: Extra Blood on HBO GO; The Birth of Bilith; Alan Ball Says Goodbye


Did the explosive season finale leave you craving more Blood? Patient viewers who waited after the credits rolled on HBO GO were treated to a special bonus scene, and if you enabled the interactive features, you could see even more. Watch the extra scene right now, and find out what was going through Jason's mind as he rode the elevator with a group of vampires in the Authority headquarters.

Elsewhere at the Authority, Jessica recorded her final -- and longest -- blog post of the season, in which she and Pam discuss what they miss most about the outside world and complain about the reason they're locked up: "Bill f**king Compton." Bill undergoes quite the transformation himself, after drinking the blood of Lilith, he emerged as what fans have dubbed "Bilith." One enterprising fan on Reddit ventured what season six might look like if directed by Quentin Tarantino. And Stephen Moyer tells TV Line what it was liked to be covered head to toe in fake blood.

During the finale, True Blood dominated the Trending Topics list on Twitter with 10 different items trending worldwide. Here's a sample of what you had to say:

  • True Blood Season Finale - @Deborah_annwoll: True blood season finale tonight!!- wm
  • Russell Edgington - @piratetothenah: #RIP Russell Edgington, you were the best f**king character on TV and will be missed by me greatly :/ @denisohare
  • Jason Stackhouse - @RulesForBelles: "If I wanna be a fool, I'll be a fool. That's my God-given right as an American." -Jason Stackhouse #TrueBlood
  • Cajun Margaritas - @TheNYCFilmChick: @andyswist I need one of Laffy's Cajun margaritas #IJustCant
  • Lafayette - @bgg2wl: *performs a Lafayette body roll all down your timeline* #trueblood
  • Alcide - @alotofnothing: Why is Alcide wearing a shirt? That needs to be illegal. #TrueBlood
  • Pam and Tara - @lexpalm: Jessica's reaction to Pam and Tara's make out session was the exact same as mine. #SpoilerAlert
  • Bill - @ucmytwitts: "Vampires often turn on those they love the most."-Bill..well, the former "Bill." Lmao #TrueBlood. #fb
  • Stabbing Westward - @tombrazelton: Stabbing Westward is trending. My college roommate from 1997 would probably love this news.
  • Bilith - @bilith: I am the new face of the Authority.

The finale was also the end for Russell Edgington, as Eric was finally able to settle a centuries-old score, leaving show creator Alan Ball with mixed feelings. "I get really upset where I write scenes where characters who I love die," he says in this week's Inside the Episode video. This is Ball's final episode at the helm of True Blood, as TV Guide and E! Online report. He took to HBO Connect to answer fans' questions after the finale, and shared parting words in a video that aired right before it: