The Fangover: The Side Effects of Lilith; Alcide Shirtless (Again); A Faerie Elder's Eclectic Musical Tastes


The blood of Lilith should come with a warning label. May cause a thirst for power and possible hallucinations. Or is she real? "Whether this creature is an apparition or a deity, it doesn't really matter," says Alan Ball in the Inside the Episode video. "She's pitting them against each other to get the strongest to survive." In the interactive features on HBO GO, Stephen Moyer says Lilith is setting up "a giant, bloody game of 'Survivor.' " Viewers noticed some of her other, shall we say, peculiarities.

Lilith wasn't the only thing that caught your attention. Alcide was also (predictably) a trending topic on Twitter during the broadcast, thanks to the shot of him chopping wood with his shirt off. Here's what some of you had to say about that:

  • oh Alcide, put your shirt back on" - said no-one, ever. #trueblood (@mel_b_angel)
  • Great episode of true blood, thanks for the scene with Alcide shirtless chopping wood, now that is what I call great tv ! #sunset? (@Denyse432)
  • dear true blood, thank you for random shots of alcide using an axe with his shirt off. for basically no reason at all. nice work. love, me. (@vancityrockgirl)
  • "Joe Manganiello chopping wood." Thanks to all of you who decoupaged this onto your vision boards. (Vulture)

Manganiello himself took part in a Q&A on HBO Connect, where he received more marriage proposals than questions. Keep an eye on HBO Connect before the finale where you can Flock to Unlock a sneak peek of the season finale after the hashtag #SaveYourself is tweeted 100,000 times.

Some other items of note from this episode:

  • In the HBO GO interactive features, Michael McMillian says he imagines faeries smell like cotton candy and sex to vampires: "It's like you're in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and immediately you're horny."
  • Jessica takes to her Babyvamp blog after the crushing disappointment of Bill's new religious leanings. "What are the odds? Crappy human parents AND a crappy maker... It just don't seem fair."
  • The faerie elder's taste in music--Ke$ha, John Cougar Mellencamp and Boyz II Men--caught the eye of Rolling Stone and The Huffington Post.               

What craziness will unfold in next week's season finale? Here's a look: