The Fangover: A Love Forgotten; Russell Goes Native; Steve Newlin, PR Pro


They say you never forget your first love. That is, unless she's a vampire and glamours all memory of her existence out of you, as Jessica keenly observes on her Baby Vamp blog this week. Hoyt, faced with the torture of his best friend's betrayal, his girlfriend's abandonment, and his terrible new wardrobe, decided it'd be best to forget it all and move out to Alaska. Fans and recappers were similarly heartbroken, with "Hoyt" trending on Twitter in the middle of the Olympic Closing Ceremonies, and io9 titling their recap "True Blood breaks our heart into a pile of gooey vampire pudding." You can vote in this week's HBO Connect Tweet battle whether Hoyt should #getoverit or was right to say #glamourme. Rolling Stone gave Hoyt some attention in their weekly power rankings, naming Jason and Hoyt's bromance as their favorite couple and "glamoured humans" their winning species of the week. 


The losing species of the week? Vampires who don't follow the word of Lilith. In a scene revealed in the HBO Go Interactive Viewing Experience but not included in the episode, we find out what Eric was subjected to before bearing witness the death of his maker (again):

As Eric comes around to publically embracing Lilith, another ancient vampire loses his faith. Russell Edgington, fresh from "getting Greek" with new boy-toy Steve Newlin, decides he's had enough of religious fundamentalism. As episode director Scott Winant puts it in Inside the Episode, "he's saying, 'F**k you all, I'm going to live my life.'" And you know Russell's serious when his native German accent comes out.

While Newlin is experiencing the joys of being a new vampire—like witnessing to his first ever staking—he's still able to keep up the front of the AVL's well-behaved spokesman. "He's nothing if not an opportunist," actor Michael McMillian says in the HBO Go Interactive Viewing Experience. "He's good at spin." Newlin's PR tricks from his days with Fellowship of the Sun still work against Representative David Finch—who you may remember as Lafayette's paying customer in Season 1. You can see more of the former reverend's work at the official American Vampire League website.