The Fangover: Bill Goes Behind the Camera; Some Sam-on-Sam Action; Before Godric Went Ghandi


This week, Stephen Moyer goes where no True Blood actor has gone before, becoming the first cast member to direct an episode. "He was a natural," episode writer Mark Hudis shares in the Inside the Episode video. Moyer, for his part, is quick to give credit to his fellow cast members, "I knew I shouldn't have let Denis [O'Hare] and Michael [McMillian] go off on their own. Within a minute they were playing 'horsey.'" Fans shared Hudis's sentiment, tweeting the following:

  • @londonred08: #TrueBlood was awesome tonight -Stephen Moyer aka Beel, you are a great director, carry on.
  • @EliseMontalvo: Stephen Moyer needs to direct more episodes of True Blood. Great angles and lighting. Also, Joe Manganiello's butt.

While Moyer is expanding his reach, so is his character Bill Compton. Much to Eric's shock, Bill's views on the subject of mainstreaming are "evolving." EW wonders, "Is Bill actually turning to the dark side, or is he positioning himself for a feat of Edgingtonian trickery?" Share your opinion in this week's HBO Connect Tweet Battle.

Sam Trammell tells TVLine what it was like playing both sides of a scene—one as Sam and one as Luna as Sam. "When I read it, I really saw it as being kind of humorous, but we always wanted to play it straight," he says, "The whole situation is so insane that I'm sure it's pretty funny. The very end, when Luna is sort of dying, that was a serious scene. But then they added the thing where I almost kissed myself, so that was quirky."

Some other notable character moments this episode:

  • Anytime Godric makes an appearance you can expect fans to get excited. But in the Interactive Features on HBO GO, Alexander Skarsgard says he would love to see Eric and Godric "back in the day before Godric went all 'Gandhi.' For centuries, he and Eric were pretty wild together and I think that would be fun to play."
  • Will fans ever tire of seeing Alcide without a shirt on? The answerisno.
  • Vulture notes that Lafayette's "'F**k off while I smoke a blunt' business," didn't fly with their high school guidance counselor.
  • As some of you figured, Hoyt didn't have it in him to give Jessica the True Death, but if he had, he wouldn't have been the first ex-boyfriend to shoot her that week. Jessica reacts to her fight with Jason in this week's Babyvamp blog post.