The Fangover: Drunk makeout sessions; Deadbeat Dads; Dancing Faeries


In a long-standing tradition that's served almost-couples for generations, Sookie and Alcide overcame their awkward romantic tension by slugging down a mess of conflicting liquors and getting busy on the couch. Fan reactions are sure to be mixed (Sookie’s onscreen sexual pairings inspire more argument than the Zapruder film), but the Boston Herald has thrown its endorsement behind a faerie-wolf hybrid, and writer Alexander Woo gave props to drunken Sookie in our Inside the Episode.  What do you think?

Sunday's episode wasn't all peach schnapps and lip-nibbling, though. Bill and Eric have pretty much resigned themselves to the True Death as they try to hunt down Russell Edgington -- before the iStakes strapped to their chests go all Final Countdown. This means disowning their respective vamp-daughters to protect them from the wrath of Roman et al. And if abandoning their progeny isn't hard enough, the boys showed up at Sookie's just in time to see their familiar love triangle bend into an uncomfortable were-square.

Since Jason Stackhouse always has such difficulty picking up chicks, his new buddy, the corrupt and randy Judge Clements, dragged him off to a Faerie Land gogo bar as a reward for fixing a speeding ticket. Instead of hooking up with some inter-dimensional strange, however, Jason instead discovered his cousin Hadley -- and the news that his parents were offed by a vampire.

The Authority gang uncovered a traitor among their ranks, and fans on Twitter took some dark glee in the staking of child-vamp/sanguinista-spy Alexander Drew at his own HQ. It may be a pretty tough life lesson for any 9-year-old actor to end his run on a show by disintegrating into a pile of goo, but at least the kid got to take home his fangs and play around with his character's remains.

What was your favorite moment from this week's episode? Would Sookie hook up with Alcide in the cold light of day? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.