The Fangover: Russell's Karaoke Moment; Safe-feeding 101 with Pam; and A Piggyback Ride to Remember


Russell Edgington lights up everyone's life. After he joined an unsuspecting bride-to-be for a duet of Debby Boone's 70s classic, fans gushed in admiration of the former Vampire King of Mississippi. "I am a giant fan of Russell Edgington," tweeted @multiplexer. "True Blood needs nothing but Russell scenes." Vulture recapper Julieanne Smolinski took it a step further when she wrote, " I think I speak for all of us when I say, 'Dennis O'Hare, please come to my house and be my friend.' This guy is sincerely great. Put him on all the shows." Even Kristin Bauer Van Straten, whose character has had her issues with Russell in the past, shared her appreciation.

Speaking of Pam, she brought her freshly-crimped coiffure to Jessica's Vlog, where she imparted sage words of wisdom to young vampires looking for advice on safe-feeding. "The main thing to watch out for is Hep-D, it can weaken you a lot."

In the Inside the Episode video, show creator Alan Ball discusses how far vampires (and humans) will go in the name of religion. "I thought it was interesting that the vampires were using scripture to justify what is basically unjustifiable," he says. "The religious aspect absolves them of any responsibility." Episode director Michael Ruscio talks about parading nine vampires through the thousands of extras and onlookers on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. He neglects to mention the piggyback ride Eric was seen giving Bill in the background, but don't worry, i09 has the moment preserved in. gif form.

Despite stiff competition, the most popular detail from this week's episode was Alcide -- or at least his abs. Here's a sample of what the Twitterverse was saying during his shirtless training session with Rikki:

  • @peoplemag: RT if you think Eric and Alcide should be shirtless for the entire episode of True Blood tonight!
  • @AndySwift: These shirtless training scenes with Alcide and that she-wolf are giving me major Step Up vibes.
  • @PiloteXYZ: On the upside lots of shirtless Alcide, #TrueBlood suddenly discovered it has a huge draw with his awesome body. LOL

Be sure to check out the Interactive Features on HBO GO for a closer look at the wolfman's washboard.