The Fangover: RIP Nike Golf Polo, Hello Russell Edgington; Hoyt Makes a Questionable Wardrobe Decision; Joe Manganiello's Sexual Evisceration


"Peace is for p**sies." Those are the last words Roman hears before getting staked by a not-at-all-silvered Russell Edgington, who'd just completed a soliloquy that began with, "I wanna gorge on human blood, not because some f**king bible tells me to, but because I like it." Fans were stunned by the sudden turn of events—a sentiment summed up by @DarlingSookie who tweeted, "Oh. My. Godric." EW sent off The Guardian of the Authority with the message, "RIP, Nike golf polo. And welcome back, Russell Edgington."

In the Interactive Features on HBO GO, show creator Alan Ball expressed some admiration for Roman, whose struggles to maintain order has some echoes in the real world. "I want Roman to succeed," he says. "He's a voice of reason among the people who are trying to pull us back into the dark ages." And for those of you still holding out hope that the lack of the tell-tale vampire goo might mean Meloni may have made it, we've got some bad news. Episode director Dan Attias explains in the Inside the Episode video that Roman is very much dead, and the reason why you were spared the gruesome details is that "often times what's most scary, or even horrific, is what you don't see."

A different moment in this episode puts that theory to the test, since we can't imagine anything more horrific than Hoyt's fangbanger get-up. What could he have possibly been thinking? Costume designer Audrey Fisher has a pretty good idea:

"Hoyt tried to put a little more thought into his new identity. Maybe he went to Hot Topic, thought the tie was cool and funky, and that the purple shirt would make him a little different than all those 'bangers in black. The costume is Hoyt's attempt to get comfortable and confident, but it also shows that he's really out of place because it doesn't look quite right. He's not a true Fangbanger at heart -- he's more of a tourist in that world."

Also unexpected was the reappearance of Alfre Woodard as Ruby Jean Reynolds, Lafayette's mother. Ruby Jean set the Twitterverse on fire, making "Alfre Woodard" a WORLDWIDE trending topic, in a performance the Examiner calls "insane and hilarious."

Lastly, as you mayhavenoticed, this past weekend was San Diego Comic-con. You can relive the highlights from the event with HBO Connect's archives of the True Blood panel and on-the-scene coverage from Janina Gavankar who plays Luna. In the MTV recap of the panel, Joe Manganiello (who plays both Alcide and a stripper in the film 'Magic Mike') hints at an upcoming romantic pairing with another cast member, or as he put it in the True Bloodiest way possible, "a sexual evisceration."

Below you'll find highlights from the second half of the season that were revealed in the official Comic-Con trailer: