Pam Kicks Some Ass at Comic-Con


Some of the toughest ladies in television turned out for Entertainment Weekly’s “Women Who Kick Ass” panel on Saturday, and naturally, Kristin Bauer van Straten was at the front of the pack. The panel covered all sorts of ground (Lucy Lawless’ possible trip to prison, the pain of your character dying, peeing outside, the discernible voice of women writers, and the many challenges facing women in the TV industry).

“I’m on this show where they make women really tough and badass,” Kristin said. “And I spent the first part of my career with nobody believing I could be smart or tough. So, it feels to me as if things are changing – but I also feel like it’s really important for us to create our own projects and be really proactive in that area.”

The hour-long discussion wasn’t all serious talk, though, and when the conversation veered toward the inevitable Comic-Con subject of on-screen nudity, all eyes turned, of course, to the representative from team ‘True Blood.’ But as it turns out, Pam doesn’t really get naked: “I am the most-dressed person,” Kristin told the room. “The men are never wearing clothing. I kind of look at naked people all day, and my feet always hurt and I can never breathe – I’m kind of having a blast.”

When she first read the script for her bedroom scene with Alexander Skarsgard this season, though, Kristin started to think her number had come up. “It just said in the script, that I’m in bed, I get out of bed and I put on my robe. And I thought, ‘Ok, that’s not gonna be huge nudity,’” she told the crowd. “And I told my husband, ‘You know, I feel pretty good about being naked in front of Alex, because he loves me, and he isn’t going to critique my physique. But the crew …’ And my husband just had this blank expression, and I thought, ‘Uh-oh – I shouldn’t have said I felt comfortable with Alex seeing me naked.’ So I kept asking him what he was thinking, and finally he was like, ‘Um, the 12 million people who watch the show?’ And then I REALLY started going to the gym.”