The Fangover: Alcide's Magic Moment Ruined; Turning Jason Into He-Man; and A True Blood Original Tune Features Iggy Pop


Poor Alcide. After seasons of waiting for Sookie to come around to his absurd abs and lupine charm--not to mention instantly forgiving her for killing his ex-girlfriend--his magic moment was ruined by too much peach schnapps. His loyal Twittersupporters and the Daily News' recapper were equally disappointed.

Not disappointing? Jason's He-Man footie pajamas, which were called out by io9 and Grantland. You might be wondering where the adult-sized childhood relics came from. Well, wonder no more. On HBO GO's Interactive Viewing Experience, costume designer Audrey Fisher describes the process of putting them together:

"One of our colleagues brought in some adorable pictures of himself in He-Man pajamas, which confirmed the palette and style. My Key Costumer found vintage He-Man sheets and I found adult flannel onesies in bright colors with feet and butt flaps. We washed down the onesies, strategically placing the He-Man logo. The final touch was distressing the PJs: wear on the knees and a hole in the toe, just like an active toddler might have. And voila!"

Unfortunately, you're not likely to find Jason's pajamas for sale at the HBO store. Nor will you find, as @AndySwift suggests, adorable Emma wolfpups, or for that matter, big liquor-sized bottles of TruBlood. One thing you can own, though, is the song played over the episode's closing credits, "Let's Boot and Rally"--written by 'True Blood' music supervisor and KCRW DJ Gary Calamar with James Combs, and recorded by Iggy Pop and Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast.

Other significant moments from this week:

  • The ifrit that's been haunting Terry and his fellow vets sent Vulture's recapper on a wild-IMDB chase. And as Todd Lowe (who plays Terry) shares in the HBO GO Interactive Viewing Experience, she's not the only one who struggled how to pronounce it.
  • "New York City smells like pee and the people are rude." –  Eric Northman
  • Tara is coming into her own as a vampire, as writer Angela Robinson points out in the Inside the Episode video. But she still doesn't mind some friendly advice from Jessica, who quickly takes to the roll of vampire big sister in the latest installment of her vlog:

Lastly, this week is San Diego Comic Con and the 'True Blood' cast and crew will be out in force. Can’t be at the convention? You can still unlock the second half of Season 5. On Saturday, tweeting #SDCCTruebie 150,000 times gets you first dibs at the True Blood Comic-Con trailer.You can read about all the action here on the Inside True Blood blog, and follow along live with HBO Connect