The Fangover: Connecting with Tara; Alan Ball's Notes for Salome; Great Moments in Vampire Texting


Poor Tara. She never had it easy as a human, and now her life as a vampire isn't much better. And to add insult to self-inflicted tanning-salon injury, fans on the newly relaunched HBO Connect website have voted for Pam to #letherfry over #savetara by a 70-30 margin. If you followed along on the mobile-friendly site during the broadcast, you might have noticed some True Blood topics trending worldwide on Twitter at key moments:

  • Pam -- as each additional piece of her backstory was revealed
  • Tara -- coming out of the freezer baring fangs, to the shock of Merlotte's customers
  • Lafayette -- "Get the f**k up out my kitchen!"
  • Jason Stackhouse -- Bon Temps' resident lothario struggling with his sexual past

In the Inside the Episode video, episode writer Raelle Tucker and director David Petrarca discuss Jason's realization that he's been using sex to fill a void. But this week, Jason ceded his spot as the show's most promiscuous character to the biblically ancient vampire Salome, who bedded Bill, Eric and Roman in quick succession. Valentina Cervi tells Vulture that she was given one note from Alan Ball about her character, "Don't be afraid of your sexual power."

In other round-ups, E! Online pulled out some choice one-liners from the episode--Salome's "The human Bible is little better than US Weekly," and Pam's "Go back to dry humping each other and buying my overpriced drinks or get the f**k out!"--and selected Hoyt's goth outfit as the Rewind Moment of the week.The band Garbage picked up on the show's use of their song "Blood for Poppies." The HBO GO Interactive Viewing Experience took a look back and resurrected a great moment in vampire texting (remember Franklin?) and a gallery of girl fights (how about Naomi?). And lastly, Rolling Stone chose faeries as this episode's winning species--thanks to a brief encounter that sent a charged-up Jessica right over to Jason's house (and to her blog), and werewolves as the losers, citing a lack of adorable wolf cubs.