The Fangover: Who Are the Authority?; Mellen-campiness and Baby Werewolves; Pam Leaves a Maker's Mark


What do we know about the Authority? They're ancient. They're powerful. They're diverse. They perform blood rituals in Aramaic. And one of them was a cast member on Law and Order: SVU. Find out secrets of the Authority in this cast and crew video:

In other news, Sherriff Andy and Jason continue their buddy cop routine, much to the delight of the WSJ's Speakeasy blog. MTV picks Emma's transformation into adorable pajama-clad baby wolf as a Top 5 Key Moment, one that episode writer Mark Hudis says in the Inside the Episode video the show couldn't help but play for laughs. New York Mag's Vulture recap focuses on the Mellen-campiness of the episode's title and closing song. And on Twitter, Steve Newlin's little dance at Jessica's party won him a fewmorefans. Speaking of Newlins, what you didn't see in this week's episode, but may have caught in the HBO Go interactive features, is a little snippet of Sarah Newlin's literary output:


Also in the interactive features, you'll find a guide to what a maker's powers truly are--from "calling" to "releasing." True Blood's latest maker, Pam,  stole the show this week with the backstory of her own making, back when she was  a turn-of-the-century San Francisco madam with--of course--impeccable fashion sense. "Pam" trended twice on Twitter during the broadcast, with fans sharing their love:

  • @HausofChristo: I love Pam.
  • @KidFury: Pam is my favorite character.
  • @natstev: I loved the 1905 flashbacks on ‪#TrueBlood last night. Loved the scene where Eric and Pam first met.

Lastly, Jessica continues to get more comfortable in her own skin--and hair--but she's not quite there yet. Deborah Ann Woll tells Vulture:

My idea was that Jessica has never been cool. It's one of my favorite things about her. I thought she'd be thinking, "Oh my gosh, all these college kids are coming over for a party," and the first thing that occurs to her is to put a green streak in her hair. I just thought it was a great symbol of trying a little too hard, but it's very endearing. We just did a little extension.

In her blog post this week, she and her new buddy Ginger share the joys of retail therapy: