The Fangover Returns: Tara Turns to the Other Side; A Social Media Record Falls; and Jessica Feels Like the First Time

fangover-pam-49-1260583 (2).jpg

After months of anticipation and speculationTrue Blood picked up just where it left off—with Sookie in her frequently blood-soaked kitchen, a lifeless Tara in her arms. One night underground with a Walmart-sweatsuit-clad Pam later, and Bon Temps' biggest vampire hater has turned into a full-fledged fanger. Be sure to check out HBO Go's interactive viewing experience for a step-by-step guide on How to Turn a Vampire and other goodies, including a slideshow of Jason's many moments in captivity and lost script pages from Bill and Eric's excellent car trunk adventure.

Season five's kick-off made an even bigger social splash than last year's—or for that matter, any show ever on premium cable, according to Bluefin Labs, which estimated that 242,000 comments were shared on Facebook and Twitter Sunday night. It certainly seemed that way, with the terms #trueblood and #BadThings trending on Twitter throughout all of Maker's Day, and "Vampire Tara," Poor Lafayette," "Yes Jessica," and, of course, "Super Snatch" all doing so during the premiere.

The re-cappers were also back in full-force:

  • Rolling Stone reintroduced their power rankings (vampires up, witches down and presumably out).
  • The Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog expressed glee at Viking warrior Eric Northman being rechristened Ike Applebaum, "whom we're pretty sure served as a substitute math teacher at some point during our grade school career."
  • Vulture's new re-capper Julieanne Smolinski introduced the True Blood Believability Index, which ranged this week in descending order from Eric Bangs His Sister (would Nora really stop to answer her phone?) to Alcide and Sookie Drink Lemonade ("There are carbs in that…") to Jessica's Performance of "Cherry Bomb" ("unconvincing").

Speaking of Jessica's Guitar Hero skills, Deborah Ann Woll live-tweeted Sunday's premiere episode, and shared some insider information, including the fact that Foreigner's "Feels Like the First Time" was also considered for Jessica's performance. How appropriate.  But the babyvamp has come a long way since being made, as evidenced by the latest message she left on her vlog: