Bye Y'all

By Gianna Sobol

I trust you’ve all learned a lot from last night’s premiere: The Authority is after Bill and Eric. Jessica turned Bill’s place into a frat house. Steve Newlin’s got a thing for Jason. Eric has a vampire sister and she’s kind of hot. And Tara? She’s a friggin’ VAMPIRE. There is so much packed into each and every episode… next Sunday’s installment will not disappoint.

So sit back and relax. The wait is over. Episode 2 will be here soon enough. And if you can believe it, we start shooting the finale in just a few days. I swear this season flew by at vamp speed. It’s already time for me to hang up my hat and hand this blog back to to keep feeding you fun during the True Blood season. And if you need another fix between episodes, visit Jessica’s back… and she’s all grown up.