Janina on Luna

By Gianna Sobol

31 BLOG Photo (Luna Interview) GS1.jpg

Gianna:What's happening for Luna this season?

Janina: Ohhhh, just general insanity. I'd like to say she's ONLY dealing with losing the father of her child, but her life is just getting more and more complicated this year. 

Gianna:Do you think Luna and Sam are the real deal? Are they meant to be?

Janina: Do I, Janina, think so? YES! I LOVE them together. Finally, a not-so-effed-up shifter who understands her and will adore her for her, drama and all. Does Luna think so? I think she's a cautious and smart momma. She's not trying to run to the altar again anytime soon.

Gianna:How do you prepare yourself for a day of shooting? Do you do anything specific to "get into character"?

Janina: It depends on the material at hand. If it's a morose moment, I have to keep myself in a certain headspace, to be able to burst into tears, or have the character on the verge, because I don't snap into that place easily. Otherwise, I like to have a lot of fun on set. I don't hang out in my trailer all day. I'd rather crack jokes with the crew. I was just saying to Sam last week, I think I've talked to him in silly voices MORE than I've talked to him in my normal voice since I've met him.

Gianna: What's your favorite quality about Luna?

Janina: Her protective nature. She'll cut you if you mess with her, or those she loves.

Gianna:What's your most disliked aspect of her?

Janina: Her skepticism. In some ways it’s what makes her a survivor, but sometimes I just wanna say, "Lady! He's a good guy! You can trust him! Now kiss'm and just be happy, already!"

Gianna:Alan has mentioned that a lot of Season 5 is about the Vampire Authority...How does that affect the shifters in our favorite little town? Do the species mix?

Janina: Well, look, the Authority will affect everyone on this planet at some point, so... yes. But right now, the shifters have something else to deal with.

Gianna:Any fun memories from this season?

Janina: Yeah! Your text, asking me if I'd read Sookie at a table read. Anna couldn't make it, so I gave it a go. Somewhere along the way I started finding the rhythm and melody to the way Sookie speaks. Sheer fun. Ooo! And wandering the lot after a fitting and meeting the wolf wranglers. They showed me two lil’ baby wolf pups in a cage! 

Gianna:And finally, sum up the season in one word:

Janina: OMFG... that's kinda one word, right?