Meet the Department Heads: How to Start Clothing an Entire Town

By Gianna Sobol

Name: Audrey Fisher

Title: Costume Designer

What you've been up to this week:

Knee deep in fabulous costume research for Season 5! I'm getting up to speed on what's in all the stores, making contact with all the companies that we work with, and getting in touch with the actors. But most importantly I'm prepping for a costume meeting with Alan to talk about the look of the season and get his take any exciting new characters and flashback or historical scenes with lots of costumes… That meeting provides the backbone for the start of my season in terms of costumes, and I can use all the information I get from him to move forward with all my designs.


Weirdest thing you've had to do for True Blood:

Feed an actress a sandwich! When Michelle Forbes was the Maenad Bride during the climax of Season 2, she was wearing her giant 3 fingered claw hands and this giant 1940s bridal gown and floral headpiece, and the poor dear was so hungry but couldn't hold her own sandwich… so I fed her. It was very intimate.

Your favorite episode or scene:

I'm partial to the historical flashbacks because it's so fascinating to see the characters in that new environment, watch the actors be transformed in their period costumes and witness it all unfold in the gorgeous sets that Suzuki creates for those scenes. I think it's a lot of fun for everyone. I especially loved Season 2's 1920s flashback, when we get to see Lorena and Bill in seductive, murderous action, and then their 1930s lovers' spat with Lorena in her emerald green bias cut sheath, throwing lamps in Madonna's old Spanish house in the Los Feliz Hills! But there are so many contemporary scenes that immediately come to mind: I loved those Season 2 scenes when Sookie went to Dallas with Bill, their first big trip together, with all her special travel outfits, from the yellow rose cardigan with gingham skirt to her festive red-handkerchief halter dress… She was cute as a button, a wide-eyed, flirty small town girl stepping out with her handsome Vampire Bill. I also adored that lush feast at Russell's mansion during Season 3—you know with the blood gelato—because the men all looked so elegant in their posh evening wear. 

But as you can imagine choosing a favorite scene is almost impossible because there are so many stories behind each costume, and every character and every element of their costume… I'm almost like our telepathic Sookie when I watch the show because I'm so deeply aware of all the little stories behind each costume piece that made it on screen in that scene!