The Final Fangover: Bon Temps Population Dwindles; Gay Stormtroopers; Jessica Gets Empowered; And Sookie Makes Her Move

By Michael Gluckstadt


You can’t say we didn’t warn you. Death was in the air this week in Bon Temps, as several series regulars met their ends, including two characters who’d been with us since episode one, and two more who have played prominent roles the past two seasons. Kevin Alejandro was understanding about Jesus getting stabbed in the gut by his possessed boyfriend, “It makes for great drama… happy relationships are just boring,” though Nelsan Ellis may have had more trouble with it. “We’ve done some real intimate stuff,” he told Inside True Blood. “So it was hard really for me to stab him.” Jessica Tuck, meanwhile, wonders if Nan will be haunting her murderers’ dreams. See exit interviews with all of the newly departed cast members at


So what was the reaction to the show’s action-packed finale? Well, for one, TVLine titled their recap, “Did That Just Happen?!” and led with, “Anyway, whoa.” But what was it that left them speechless? There were plenty of moments that had viewers screaming at the television, or for some people, the twitterverse. The return of Gran brought tears to @BollyGene’s eyes. @Elmo264 believes that, “@VampireRussell is going to either save @TaraMThornton or turn her into a vamp!!!” Some people, like @playforwardtees and @pajjie weren’t too upset to see Debbie gone (and Alcide single). Nan’s death was polarizing for @AmbroseNotRay and @mtrprods. But the one thing everyonewas in favor of was Eric’s line, “Hi Nan…and gay Stormtroopers.”

In the Inside the Episode video, Raelle Tucker explains why she enjoyed writing Jessica’s sexiest scene yet. “I believe there is a double standard about female characters exploring their sexuality. It was fun for me to write a sex scene where the woman is in her power enough to say, I don’t want to be your girlfriend, I still have some exploring to do.” On the Babyvamp blog, Jessica looks plenty comfortable in her own skin.

Finally, Sookie makes her choice between Bill, Eric and Alcide, and opts for none of the above. No doubt the commenters here will have some opinions on her decision, so by all means, share once and for all why Sookie truly belongs with backstabbing Bill, envious Eric or all-abs Alcide. We have a whole off-season to speculate.