Final Act

The ‘True Blood’ writers have never been shy about stacking up bodies on the show (whether live or dead), but even by those action-packed standards, Season 4 ended in a total bloodbath. Four long-running characters met their ends during the season finale, and we caught up with them all to memorialize their final moments.

Tara Thornton

Played by Rutina Wesley

Episode 1 – Episode 48


Unwritten Future

“I don’t know what they have in store for next season. I haven’t seen any scripts, so I have no idea what’s going to happen. I’m either at death’s door, or I’m gone. That’s scary for an actor, but if my time has come, then my time has come – and what a way to go, saving your best friend’s life. It’s pretty cool that everyone’s going to be going, “Is she, or isn’t she?” I’m excited and terrified all at the same time. I could be a ghost, I could die – it’s in the hands of our wonderful writers and the creative mind of Alan Ball.”

Cherished Memories

“I love the Super Save-A-Bunch scene when you first see Tara. I love being in the bar for my first scene with Lafayette, and the whole plantation scene where I tell the guy not to snap at me – cause right there, that’s Tara. I also loved working with Michelle Forbes, who is amazing. Plus, I got to be a little more girly in Season 2, dressing up a little more. I think one of my favorite scenes was in the red bikini in Season 2, doing a cannonball into the pool. I was so happy they let me do that. And oddly enough, being duct-taped to the toilet was the strangest, weirdest, most degrading scene, but it was so funny because Franklin kept coming in with these flowers … The situational comedy of that is just hilarious.”

Saying Goodbye

“Shooting that scene was very hard and emotional. I think everybody on set shed a tear that day; it was really tough to get through. When you see someone that you’ve lived with and breathed with for four years come to some kind of end, it’s very powerful – and sad. It’s really hard to play dead when you’re about to cry. All three of us went out afterwards – me, Brit [Morgan] and Anna [Paquin]. We had some food and kind of celebrated the end of a killer scene. Brit bites it too, so we were kind of just loving up on each other and supporting each other.”

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