The Fangover: Jessica's Moment in the Sun; Vampire Sex vs. Werewolf Sex; A Story Told in Costumes

By Michael Gluckstadt


Is this the end for Jessica Hamby? The devout teenager turned vampire vixen was last seen headed toward the light, and fan reaction ranged from skeptical to mournful to vengeful. The last post on her Babyvamp blog hinted that something big might be coming her way. Even if those were Jessica's last moments—and we hope they weren’t!—Deborah Ann Woll's moment in the sun is just taking off. In a steamy Rolling Stone photo shoot video, she answers fan questions about playing scary as opposed to scared and what Tru Blood really tastes like. In the Inside the Episode video, director Michael Ruscio and writer Alexander Woo talk about Bill and Jessica's father-daughter bond, and whether his love for her might have proven fatal.

Sookie and Eric. Eric and Sookie. In the woods. On the floor. On the couch. In her bed. Fans of the book know where they're headed next.    

In the supernatural power rankings, iPad playing-vampires are down, Marnie/Antonia's Braveheart-style speech—"Vampires aren't immortal; they're just harder to kill"—has the witches up, and the shifter/skinwalker contingent has some awkward feelings to address. Speaking of awkward, someviewers didn't think much of Alcide and Debbie's bedroom chemistry—was he telling her the truth about not being in love with Sookie?

Some other highlights from this week:

  • Dr. Ludwig makes her triumphant return as perhaps the only character in the 'True Blood' universe who can go quip for quip with Pam.
  • Baby Mikey's Creole ghostfriend is played by South African songstress Nondumiso Tembe.
  • Ginger's ride atop Pam's coffin caught some GIF-makers' attention.
  • Finally in a video slideshow, costume designer Audrey Fischer shares how she tells a story through color.