The Fangover: RIP Tommy Mickens; Vampire A-Team Naming Contest; The End of Emo Eric

By Michael Gluckstadt


Poor Tommy. Or maybe he had it coming. In either case, Marshall Allman's 24-episode run as Sam Merlotte's pugnacious little brother is the longest one to come to an end so far on the show. We've seen him shift into a dog, hawk, alligator, Maxine Fortenberry and his older brother. And if this Funny or Die sketch is any indication, he does it all as a method actor. Will Tommy be missed? Or are you happy to see him go?


The vampire kill squad is accepting submissions for their name. So far we've heard:

Add your own in the comments.

In the Inside the Episode video, Alan Ball shares that Sookie isn't as over Bill as she thought she was. Now that "Emo Eric" has his memories back, Sookie is faced with a real choice—unless of course she can make her dream from the previous episode come true.

If it's not bad enough that Arlene has her baby kidnapped by a possessed spirit and shares her home with a V-addict, Vulture has rated her "Day-Glo hair and a waitressing uniform" a three out of 10 on the fashion sense scorecard. See where the rest of the characters rank on a scale of Maxine to Pam. 

On her blog, Jessica laments the men in her life acting like boys. Perhaps after watching last night's MTV Video Music Awards, she says she's had it with pretty-faced Justin Bieber-types, hipsters, and "those waxed idiots on the Jersey Shore." Is the babyvamp ready to grow up?